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Lakers vs. Rockets Game 3: 2nd Quarter Thread

Kobe Bryant has a very particular set of skills - skills that make him a nightmare for people like Shane Battier.

ESPN obviously has high hopes for this game, as it chose to air the tip-off on Classic. (How exactly did Boston-Orlando manage to run for, by my own conservative estimate, five hours?) Time will tell whether Game Three lives up to such an august designation, but so far there's been plenty of action.

Kobe is still searing-hot, hitting five of six FGAs in the first quarter, most or all of them challenged.  Jordan Farmar, starting in place of Fish, picked up four assists and one breakaway dunk.  Yao, for his part, is back in Game One domination mode, getting the ball in post position without breaking a sweat and scoring eight quick points.

Keep on commenting, dear readers, and brace yourself for the adventure of watching our second unit....

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