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Lakers vs. Rockets Game 2: 4th Quarter Thread

Dear media,

The Lakers' starting point guard just leveled their opponents' power forward with a bone-crunching MMA move.  Does this earn us a moratorium on the "Are the Lakers tough enough?" line of questioning?


D. Fishmore

We enter the final quarter minus one Derek Fisher but up nine points on the scoreboard.  After the first 10 minutes of the third were dominated by Kobe, doing cruel and inhumane things to Shane Battier, and some spry defense and rebounding from Lamar Odom, bitching and counterbitching erupted between the similarly coiffured Sasha Vujacic and Luis Scola.  When all was said and done, Fish got tossed and we all enjoyed a lawyerly talk from Doug Collins about Flagrant 2 fouls.

Here we go commenters.  Thread the hell out of the fourth.

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