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Opening Credits 5/5/09

Disappointing.  The Rockets won.

The Rockets seized homecourt with Yao, Ron Ron and Aaron Brooks all having great games.  Meanwhile, Kobe was hot and cold, and Pau and LO were invisible for most of the game.  We kept their bench from making a real impact (Wafer - 0 pts), but their starters we just better, and still it was a fairly close game.  We know we can play better.  Can Houston?

Our own Rybreadraz gives us "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly."

Forum Blue & Gold's Kurt, Darius, and Reed give their "Game One Thoughts."

Plaschke writes, "For Lakers, it's time for that tough question."

We were beat in the 4th Quarter.  We had a chance to take the game, and let the Rockets go on a 9-0 run immediatley after we go up 77-76.  Houston stepped up in crunch time for the first time against us this season.  The Orange County Register's Janis Carr examines this.

Rob Mahoney of Hardwood Paroxysm writes, "But though this may be the most talented offensive squad in the league, the Rockets made them look awfully uncomfortable last night.  Houston gave L.A. a quick punch in the mouth just to remind us all of the Lakers’ mortality....Yet, in spite of a miserable night from the league’s most deadly offense, the Lakers were right there in the fourth quarter.  A few made buckets for the Rockets and we’re talking about how gutsy the Lakers are (or probably just talking about how much we hate them)."

Click on through for the rest of the links.

Ramona Shelburne:  "Kobe's unselfishness needs to be more than a passing fancy inorder for the Lakers to succeed."

ESPN's J.A. Adande gives his take for Daily Dime.

The Orange County Register's Kevin Ding's Recap.

Ball Don't Lie: "We've seen it for years. Whenever a Phil Jackson-coached team comes out in the first game of a series after having a significant time off between rounds, the squad falls flat....That said, the Lakers are smart. They know exactly what they did wrong, and they're usually keen to make up for that. Look out."

Houston Gets Defensive.  A breakdown by Kevin Arnovitz.

dEDGE's Breakdown of the Game.

20 Second Timeout: "...there is every reason to believe that they can not only win game two but also win at least one game in Houston to retake home court advantage."

Slam Online's Recap

Our own Timbo's "View From Houston"'s Chris Mannix: "Will Bynum make his presence felt?"

Reviews between the Lakers and Rockets are mixed on MVP pick of LeBron.

Here's a rumor I don't like.  Byron Scott, future Lakers coach?



The Basketball Jones

The Dan Patrick Show

710 ESPN Los Angeles





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