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LIVE GameThread - Lakers @ Nuggets: Game 6 - 3rd Quarter

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Are ya happy, wayde_316???

Seriously though. Great pretty damn good first half. Trevor Ariza going nuts hittin' trees and gettin' to the hole. Defense looking pretty good, if not yet great. Kobe Bryant really feeling it, hitting some gorgeous shots near the end of the quarter. How about that dagger 3-pointer!

Pau Gasol not getting many touches on offense, but making the most of them and really playing hard on defense. Derek Fisher 2-3 for 5 points with 5 rebounds and 3 assists, only 1 foul and 1 turnover... I'll take it!

The turnovers have been pretty atrocious... but 16 assists on 21 made field goals! Now that's some good ball movement! Rebounding? 18-16 advantage. Blocks? 4-1 advantage.

What else...? Oh yeah – points! 53-40 for a 13-point Lakers lead. In short: Continue the effort and clean up the turnovers in the second half, and we should run away with this game. Cross your fingers and say your prayers!