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Lakers-Nuggets Game 5: 3rd Quarter Thread

So the ever-wise Michael Wilbon (sarcasm) said during the halftime show that the Nuggets have been in control from start to finish.  I disagree (big surprise).  Since the middle of the first quarter momentun has been on the Lakers side, and we are getting huge contributions from players who have been ineffective all series.  Ohter then better defense and a lead, what more can you ask for?

The best stat so far?  Bryant and Gasol have only 15 points on 6 shots.  Gasol obviously needs more touches in the second half, but Bynum has had an excellent game so far.  And even though it's tied, this game is shaping up beautifully for the Lakers.  Role players are steping up, and we all know who the 4th quarter belongs to.  A few less mistakes, a few more defensive stops, and a few shots from Kobe like the one to the left, and the Lakers have themselves a victory.


Go Purple & Gold!

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