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Lakers-Nuggets Game 5: Pre-Game & 1st Quarter Thread

Here we go. After a very exciting first four three games, it is now a best of three series and the Lakers once again have home court advantage. With the heavily favored Cavs on the brink of elimination, can the Lakers avoid the same fate? Here is your LIVE GameThread – comments update automatically, so share your thoughts with us as they happen.

Josh already did a wonderful job previewing tonight's game, so I really don't have much to add. Anybody that watched Game 4 could tell you where the Lakers went wrong, and if it's obvious to us, then it's probably obvious to the the Lakers as well. My only question is this: Do the Lakers finally play like the better team with a dominating performance start to finish, do they ride Kobe in the fourth to squeak out another close victory, or do they fall flat again and lose? I think much of the answer can be found in how many points Kobe has to score, so I ask you:

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