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Credits 5/26/09

Bush league D-Leaguer Dahntay Jones scored 12 points.

That should say everything you need to know about last night's game.

We look great one game.  So-so the next.  I think we all know what next game will be like.  They Lakers are who we thought they were.

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Was Game 4 a predictable game?  Are we a tired team

John Ireland wants the Lakers to get some rest.

We might not be, but the one thing that is consistent is bad officiating.  (Both ways.)  Hollinger breakdown the numbers to show that the number of calls is consistent with last year.  (Quantity and quality are NOT related.)

Lakers need more than just Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol.  Our bench is deadwood.(Looking at you Lamar.  Kenyon owns you right now.  Front-running Kenyon Martin.   Where is this Lamar?)

I think the Nuggets solved this X's & O's problem out last night.

We have a simple problem we can solve.  Pau Gasol asks to get the ball more.

J.R. Smith had his one good game.  Keep it at one.

Dream Matchup of Kobe-LeBron fading as Deeper Teams Rise.  (Right.  Another win from each team, and watch everyone hop right back on.)

There's No Shame in Wanting Cavs-Lakers.  (Who cares what Dwight thinks.)


And so it goes.  Should you be worried (again) after this loss?  No.  Unless you picked them to sweep or win in 5. 

Did you expect the Lakers to win in 6 or 7?  If you did, nothing has changed.  We didn't lay down like Game 4 against Houston.  The Nuggets were simply better than us last night.  It's going to happen.  They're good.  We just have to be better in 2 of the next 3 games.  I think that will happen.  Have faith.  No Championship comes easy (except for 2001).

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