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Lakers-Nuggets Game 5: Post-Game Thread

Meh, I'm not worried.  It wasn't a good loss because a loss rarely is, but I think it was an acceptable one.  Denver had everything to lose in this game, and they showed up and took care of business.  For the Lakers, they were tired and it showed.  This is not an excuse, it is reality, and after a hard fought Game 3, it is a reality that I think everyone saw coming.  Phil knew it too, which is why he let the bench do most of the work in the fourth.

I knew that the Lakers were going to lose when I saw that they weren't rebounding, but again, I think that it was partially due to fatigue.  The Lakers have consistently outrebounded their opponent, so for them to lose the battle by 18, there is obviously something going on.  Also, and this is just me venting, you cannot win a game when Anthony gets a whistle everytime he is bodied, but Kobe is pushed, pulled, tripped, slapped, and hacked on a consistant basis with little to show (seriously, Dahntay Jones needs to be suspended for a game).  Phil made his thoughts on the fouls very clear with that awesome delay of game, and now he is going off on some reporter in he press conference about the way the game was called-lol.

So for those of you who want to worry, you can, because the Lakers did not look good tonight and the series is now tied.  But as for me, I resigned that we were going to lose by halftime, so for me it's all about Game 5 at this point.

Here's the box score and recap.

Go Purple & Gold!

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