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Lakers-Nugs Game 3: 3rd Quarter Thread

Let's go straight to the halftime numbers.  49 possessions into Game Three, here's where we stand:

TO% FTA/FGA FT% EFG% TS% Off Reb% Def Reb% PPP
Los Angeles 12 0.43 53 49 51 17 79 0.98
Denver 10 0.48 85 42 51 21 83 1.06

Neither team can make a three: the Lakers have missed 8 of 9, the Nuggets 10 of 11. Both teams are getting to the line a lot, and both are taking care of the defensive glass. The difference in the game so far lies in free-throw accuracy. If the Lakers had made 77% of their free-throw attempts (i.e., their regular-season rate) in the first half, they would have four more points, and the game would be tied.

On the whole, I'm OK with how things look at halftime. Not thrilled, but OK. Someone's threes are going to drop in the second half, right? Who exactly that lucky shooter is might decide things. My money's on Sasha.

Here's your third-quarter thread, you gorgeous things.  Keep on hustlin'.


[Ed. Note:  Every day I'm hustlin'...]

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