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Lakers-Nugs Game 3: Live Game Thread

Red Dawn
Red Dawn

For the shoddily written and poorly plotted dreck that it undoubtedly is, the 1984 film Red Dawn has a surprisingly resonant cultural legacy. It was the first movie to carry the PG-13 rating. It was the namesake for the American military operation that captured Saddam Hussein. It even inspired its own South Park parody episode.

The movie, for those who haven't seen it, is about a Warsaw Pact invasion of the United States - ahh, Cold War paranoia... how we've missed you - that begins, for some reason, in Colorado. The Soviet Union and its satellite regimes have emerged as the lone remaining world superpower and decide that their final step toward world domination should begin with hostile armies swarming into the Centennial State and putting the locals in their place.

Today the Western Conference Finals enter their Red Dawn phase. You see those paratroopers on the movie poster? That's who the Lakers are today. They are the superpower in this fight, they're coming to Colorado, and whoever's in their way is about to have a most unpleasant evening. The time is over for the Lakers and their fans to worry about being liked. It's now time to conquer.

Your Game Three thread is after the jump. Take no prisoners, and leave nothing left standing.

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