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Credits 5/23/09

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Here are some Lakers links to tide you over until game time:

Silver Screen and Roll's Dexter Fishmore: Tempo-Free Boxscore Breakdown

Forum Blue and Gold:  Making Adjustments

Hardwood Paroxysm:  The New Answer Is Better Than The Standard Solution

WildYams (via Basketbawlful):  Worst of Nuggets-Lakers: Game 2


The Los Angeles Times:

The Orange County Register:

The LA Daily News:

The Press-EnterpriseWhen do you bench Fisher?

Click on through for the rest (including a FUNNY remix of the 1st Kobe/LeBron puppet commerical)....

Slam Online's Lang Whitaker:  The Links: 'Melo Gold

The Sporting News' Sean Devaney:  Olympics Were A Toughnening (Not Tiring) Experience For USA's Top Players

NBA Fanhouse:  Kobe should really watch his back

ESPN's J.A. Adande:  Is the Lakers' confidence shaken?

LeBron James, saving the Cavs, doing what MVP's do:

Wow.  It would have been nice if Kobe got to take that shot on Thursday.  How easy was it for him to get the ball? 

Stan Van Gundy,  there was 1 second left.  Who else was getting the ball?

Hello?  Anybody home?  Think, McFly.  Think.

Back to Lebron....


Nike + Dave Chappelle =" I'm LeBron James, Bitch!":

(This is hilarious.  I found this on, maker of the "Machine" videos.)



If you have any links you feel are worth noting, feel free to email me