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Post Game Thread Lakers vs. Nuggets Game 2

I'm so furious that my furniture is not safe.  I'm having difficulty typing this because I'm shaking.  My wife is ready to leave the apartment because I think she's a little afraid.  I'm clearly incapable of objectionable analysis.  So we're going to stick to cold, hard facts right now. 

This was pretty much the exact opposite of Game 1.  The Lakers jump out to the fast start, aided by friendly whistles.  The Denver bench provided the spark, and the Lakers pulled one of their moments at the end of the first half, allowing a 12-2 run and losing all momentum.  2nd half was hard fought, and the final quarter was defined by missed Laker free throws and referees playing a PROMINENT role in the final outcome.  Neither side of the coin can argue with that statement.  I'm sure you know my opinions on the matter.

Here's your box and your recap isn't even available yet.  Spit venom all night.  I know I will be.

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