Why I Really Liked Lakers' D

05/17/09 - Game 7 vs. Hou @ Staples.

Many have said the Lakers' offense fuels their defense. Today, despite not having a good offensive showing (only ~45% fg), their defense was nonetheless solid.

This is, in my opinion, a significant improvement. Even the greatest offensive teams lose their offensive chemistry sometimes. It's inevitable. But defense has to be consistent. Why? Because defense CAN be consistent, unlike offense. Offense depends on, ultimately, whether your shots fall or not. Defense, meanwhile, depends on how focused and hardworking you are. Chance doesn't play a role in that.

Before, Lakers' offense has fueled their defense. That was a problem. If their shots don't fall, the game is lost (but because they're such an offensive powerhouse, most of the time they get those shots to fall). Today, despite struggling to earn baskets, they maintained their resilient defense against the speed demon Brooks and other players who tore them apart in game 4 and 6.  Today, their defense fueled their offense.

Just a thought. Feel free to comment, critique, and contribute.