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LAKERS ADVANCE: Game 7 Post-Game Thread

That sound you heard?  That was the collective sigh of relief of every Lakers fan watching today.  Just like Game 5, the Lakers came out and jumped all over what at this point has to be an emotionally drained Houston Rocket's team.  The Lakers are like an avalanche: once they get going, they just get stronger and stronger and are impossible to stop.  Here is the recap and box score form today's game.

Also, a huge congratulations to the Houston Rockets and their fans.  They were everything that the Lakers were not in this series.  They played with heart and guts, and gave it their all each and every game, despite losing their star center.  in the end the Lakers talent and homecourt advantage was too much, but hopefully the Lakers will learn valuable lessons from this Rockets team and the way they played.  Should the Lakers win the championship, they will probably owe a huge thank you for scaring them straight.

Now it's on to Denver, and the Lakers will have to bring it like they never have this season (with the exception of the Celtics and Cavs games) if they hope to survive.  All I can say is I'm glad that we have homecourt advantage.  See you Tuesday night.

Go Purple & Gold!


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