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Trying To Win With No Offense, Defense or Energy: Game 6 Post-Game Thread

It's tough to win games when we you don't have any consistent offense, can't get a stop when you need it and don't play with energy. Some were upset with the refs and maybe there were some bad calls. Frankly, it didn't affect the game nearly as much as the Lakers embarassing lack of intensity to begin the game (although Kobe's T better be overturned).

Fish still can't play defense and Phil still keeps playing him. The Lakers still go long stretches without getting the ball inside despite their obvious size advantage. They still can't bring 48 minutes of intensity in back to back games. The Lakers didn't play early on, then when they made a run to get within two, they couldn't get stops when they needed it. The Rockets scored 20 points in the final 5:58 of the third quarter.

Call it whatever you want, the Lakers just haven't shown the heart necessary to be a NBA champion, let alone beat the Rockets. Houston has been given it all they have and while that's to be expected, they deserve some credit for it because as the Lakers have proven, it's not a given. Maybe it will come and maybe this team can still raise another banner, but they have a ways to go. If you dare, here's the box score and recap.


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