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LIVE - Lakers vs. Rockets: Game 5 - 3rd Quarter

This is how I like it! Let's see...

  • Pau Gasol agreesive on both ends of the court
  • Gasol-Odom two-man game working
  • Offense rolling – very balanced attack, hitting the threes but really pounding it inside
  • Kobe's jumpshot is on, but he's going to the rack – 20 points on 14 shots
  • Defense on point, creating turnovers left and right – 8 steals and 6 blocks in the first half alone! And they held the Rockets to 39 points in the first half, on 31.1% shooting.
  • Bynum hitting all his shots, and really making his presence felt defensively
  • Farmar playing good defense, high energy offense, pushing the pace and yet keeping it under control
  • What can Shannon "UPS Air" Brown do for you? Everything.
  • Lakers +6 on the boards
  • Lakers getting to the line, and making their free throws – 11-14
  • Oh... and a 25-point lead at halftime!

In all, the Lakers are playing with energy, intensity, passion, effort... and they're playing like they love this game! In fact, they look more like the Lakers they're supposed to be – you know, the ones that beat the Celtics and Cavs twice, each – than they have since the playoffs started.

Only one question remains: Will the Lakers continue to attack, or will they "play soccer"? Let's hope the second half is as good as the first.

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