Those dam Lakers!

I have been a diehard Lakers fan for over 30 years now and I have NEVER seen a more heartless effort from a Lakers team, like we saw yesterday (Mother's Day)!!

They didn't even have the decency to play hard for their mothers, wives and us, FANS! If we don't matter, how about playing hard for YOURSELVES!  It's one thing to lose a game, but to get DEMOLISHED by a depleted Houston squad is very unsettling and outright embarrssing!!!  

Even more disturbing...during post game interviews, ALL of the Lakers players had the audacity to say,"they just played a good game. They were hitting BIG shots."  WTF!!!! They were hitting BIG shots because the Lakers DON'T play DEFENSE!  You would think that someone, even if it's the ball boy, would get the memo that Houston can shoot the 3-ball.  Let's not mention how many lay-ups the Lakers spotted them!

Bottom line....the Lakers SUCK!  Instead of getting better, they are regressing.  I know some will hate what I am about to say next, but....a lot of the BLAME goes to Phil Jackson!!!   During a timeout, he told the squad, "sometimes you have to take your lumps and move forward."  What kind of shyt is that to tell your team?  Can somebody get madd (besides the rest of the world) and play with some passion.  I guess it's too late to develop a KILLER INSTINCT!!!

They believe they are a championship caliber team...when will they prove it?  As it stands right now...yea, they will most likely (barely) get out of this Houston series, but Denver is going to kick their azzez!!! If not, Cleveland will.

Phil is over-rated and D. Fish, although I love him dearly, needs to have a seat at the end of the bench with Mbenga!!  The show needs to be run with Farmar and Brown, PERIOD!   At least Farmar can defend and plays with some passion and aggression.  Phil just sits on his azz and does the same thing game after game after game...NOTHING!  He is tooooo old school and doesn't know how to adjust!  If he did not have a SUPERSTAR on EVERY team he has coached, he would NOT be soooo dam revered.  Again, he is over-rated and gets outcoached by most coaches...he just has the best players!

Lakers are too SOFT and need to pull their heads out of their butts!

*Believe it or not, I am a FAN!