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Lakers Lay A Big Fat Egg: Game Four Post-Game Thread

Well, we all knew that this would happen.  They have played with more passion, more energy, and more toughness then us all series.  This is a veteran team that's hungry, and the Lakers are fortunate to be here after a key mid-season trade.  Of course, if Bynum was here, this would be a much different...wait, what's that? 

We didn't play the Celtics today?  We already got smoked by them last year and learned from it?  Whoa.  Then who did we play?  The Rockets?  That's fair. Yao Ming is...what?  No Yao?  But Bynum is back in LA in the gym getting ready to...huh?  He was there?  And playing?  Uh-oh.

Uh-oh is right.  Maybe not for this series, but for this Lakers team as they move forward.  I don't know what kind of motivation they need, but clearly a championship isn't enough.  Because let's be clear, this loss is entirely on the Lakers.  The Rocket's came out hot and played tough, but what killed us was an absolute lack of defense.  Not to take away from Houston's inspired performance, but we could have played the Washington Generals and the outcome would have been the same.

Here's the box score and recap.

Share your thoughts (respectfully) below.

Go Purple & Gold!

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