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Lakers vs. Rockets Game 4: Pregame and 1st Quarter Thread

This is no time for pity.

Sure, as fans of the game, we can and should lament the Rockets' loss of Yao Ming, but the Lakers themselves - they've got a title to win. They didn't cause the injury, and they don't get to pick their opponents. What's now essentially a 35-win team needs to be euthanized quickly. It's time to end this series in five games.

That might not be as easy as it first seems. In Game Two, the Rockets played fine, energetic ball while Yao was on the bench, and his injury may have an inspirational, circle-the-wagons effect on his mates. (I mean that literally. They still ride covered wagons in Texas, right?) And it's not like these Lakers have never played down to the level of competishe before.

So grab your beverage of choice and give your typing knuckles a good, refreshing crack. This is your live game thread.

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