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Opening Credits 5/1/09

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Lakers Links:

The wait is nearly over.  We know who we're going to play and when.  I'm sure the Lakers scouted both Portland and Houston, but I'm willing to bet most of the work was done on Houston. 

Forum Blue & Gold's Kurt gives his  First Thoughts.

I'm sure Daryl Morey will have his advanced stats to use, but how much did that work in the regular season?

This is the 1st time in a LONG time that the Rockets have been out of the 1st Round.  The wait is lifted

Tracy McGrady, 2nd Round Virgin.

Kevin Ding say the Lakers have never faced this kind of defense

Pau Gasol is hoping history doesn't repeat itself.

USA Today story on the Lakers showing confidence in Bynum.

Ron Artest is back pedaling just a bit now regarding the "best he's ever played against."  It's still not enough.  What is better than watching an angry, focused and determined Kobe.  We saw what happened after going 5-24 in Utah.  Now, he'll have even more incentive to do this.

Once again, be sure to check out our rival blog, The Dream Shake,  and learn more about the Rockets.


Lakers Practice Report 4/30/09

LA Times Lakers Blog Podcast

Click on through for other NBA related Links:

Other NBA links:

Wow.  What a series Boston and Chicago are having.  A total of 7 overtimes!

Kelly Dwyer already ranks it #2 in post lock out era series.

CelticsBlog says Best. Series. Ever.  Then addresses those KG rumors, and speaks some "Truth."

Bill Simmons.

ESPN's "Experts" 7 questions before Game 7.

Magic Rout 76ers without Dwight Howard

Heat vs. Hawks Roundup.  After Game 5 skirmish, both teams bracing for more.

I'm predicting the Mavs to beat the Nuggets because Josh Howard is healthy and playing well.  Here's a story on what his contributions bring.

Basketbawlful's Worst of the Playoff Night

FreeDarko's ramblings on the playoffs.



The Basketball Jones

The Dan Patrick Show

ESPN's NBA Today Podcast


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