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The Waiting Game: Houston @ Portland

With the Lakers enjoyed some welcome rest in between playoff series, our second round opponent has yet to be decided. Up north, Houston is trying to win a second game in Portland to end the series and accept the dubious prize of playing the Lakers. Meanwhile, the Trail Blazers are fighting for their playoff lives, with every game a must-win.

Regardless of which team you'd rather play in the second round, I think it's clear which team every Lakers fan should be rooting for tonight. A Portland win would extend this series, allowing the Lakers to rest up while the Rockets and Blazers expend their energy on each other.

Since we know what we want to see tonight, let's talk about the overall outcome of the series. Would you rather see Houston in Round 2, or Portland? Or, put it the other way: Do you dread Houston's defense more, or Portland's home court?

With no Lakers games for several days, I thought you guys might get a bit bored. If that's the case, then flip your TV over to NBA TV, get in the comments, and start looking ahead to the next round. This is Houston vs. Portland from a Laker perspective.

For those interested, this is your Waiting Game liveblog, post-game analysis, and (if the Rockets win) Round 2 preview, all wrapped up into one. Have fun!

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