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Opening Credits 4/28/09

Here are some links to get by as we wait for the Rockets (maybe?).

Game Recaps:

Los Angeles Times

Daily News

Orange County Register

Salt Lake Tribune

20 Second Timeout


Laker Links:

Post Game Interviews.

Four wins down.  Twelve to go.  Who's next?

J.A. Adande's series recap. 

The rest of Daily Dime.

Everyone is either  worried about Bynum.  (I think he'll be fine in Round 2, and we'll forget all about his first real Playoffs experience.)

...or blowing big leads.  Everyone.   Even Mychal Thompson.

Kobe Bryant, De Facto Director?


Click on through for other NBA related Links:

NBA Links:

What are Jazz going to do for next season?

TrueHoop First Cup.

Ben Gordon day-to-day.

Reggie Miller thinks KG could play in Round 2

If you have a queasy stomach.  Do not click here.  58 points.   Wow.  (Say what you want about the Lakers squandering big leads, but at least we have the lead.  58 points?)

What do Hornets fans think?  How about Hardwood Paroxysm?

Hawks even up series.  Yawn.



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