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Game 5 Post-Game Thread

And the first round is over! The Lakers should have several days of rest, which they might want to use to figure out why they keep giving up large leads late in games, and how it can be fixed.

Once again, the Lakers took a 20+ point lead into the fourth quarter, and once again, they gave most of it up before bearing down and pushing it back to double-digits again. As Lakers fans, this is getting annoying at best — and at worst, disturbing and even frightening.

Some are becoming more and more convinced that the Lakers are not a championship team. Others aren't phased by it, pointing out that the Lakers do their best work against the best teams, and they won't be this careless against the Cavs.

For my part, I think it's worth noticing when these lapses occur, and who is on the court at that point in the game.

Here is your Post-Game Thread. Sound off in the comments with your post-game analysis, as well as your overall series analysis. Fun facts, keys to the games, and advanced statistics are always welcome!

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