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Opening Credits 4/27/09

[Ed. Note: Starting today, we should have daily links posts, pulling together the best and most interesting posts and articles from blogs and publications around the internet. Wondahbap and LVElephant will be taking point on this, with Linix129 helping out, as well. With LVElephant currently bogged down at work, Wondahbap is here to bring you today's links.]

Laker Links:

Sunday Post Practice Report: Interviews

Los Angeles Times grab bag of links.

Salt Lake Tribune grab bag of links.

David Friedman's "20 Second Timeout" breaks recaps all of the weekend's games, but as always, he does his best job with Kobe and the Lakers.

This writer feels Bynum should not tryout for Team USA.

Kobe plans on staying aggressive.

Gils_keloids wants to know why the Jazz bloggers have been so quiet.  They don't play home games on Sunday in Utah.  Maybe they don't blog either.  We will wait and see.  But please be nice.


Those are your Laker Links. Click on through for the General NBA Links.

Other NBA Links:

The New York Times' Pete Thamel on Jeremy Tyler (the high school kid leaving school for Europe), and Brandon Jennings.

Did Game 4 Favor Refs the Bulls?  Celtics fans thoughts, and an appreciation for an instant classic.

Rondo's team?  FreeDarko comments on Rondo being the "the unquestioned star and center of attention" of the Celtics and the team dynamics of Boston and Chicago.

Henry Abbott on Playoff experience in the Portland/Houston series.  Wonder what Matt Moore thinks?

Marc Stein:  "The postseason of the point guard."

Hardwood Paroxysm's Polite Request.  (Not a problem here in Lakerland.)

After a boring series, the Cavs have time off.  Considering momentum, how many days is too much time off?  Thoughts?


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