Sunday Laker Links


We're going, going, back, back, to Cali, Cali.  Up 3-1.  Kobe was great last night and the bench stepped up.  A sweep would've been nice, but last night's win just might be the crushing blow to Jazz.  In case you haven't noticed, they're pretty bad in LA against the Lakers, having lost 10 in a row at the Staples Center.  Apparently, we have nothing to worry about.  I agree.

To be or not to be?  Or Ko-be in this case.  Some people are never sure which Kobe they want.  The assassin or facilitator?  Last night?  Shoot 'em up!

Video recap of a another classic performance. 

Welcome to the party, Kobe.  J.A. gives his thoughts.

Mark Jackson would say, "That was great defense, just better offense!"

Jazz writers' thoughts?:




Bynum's okay with coming off the bench.  He's not okay with spot duty.

Tex Winters suffers a stroke.  Get well.

Roland Lazenby on Tex.

Coach Kobe?

Who are the all-time Lakers killers?  Can I vote for Kwame Brown?