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Closing Credits: End of Season Edition

We're almost there, folks! The start of the Playoffs in Lakerland is just hours away. But before it all begins, there are some regular season and/or pre-playoffs links I want to make sure you've had a chance to see.

But first: In case you missed it, check the scoreboard... and find that Derrick Rose has led the Bulls to an overtime road win over the Celtics, stealing home court advantage from them. This kid is the real deal — and I don't mind the Celtics losing, either!

The Cavs stomped the Pistons, which was to be expected, and the Mavs beat the Spurs, also stealing home court — but I'm far from convinced that this will be an easy series for them. The Spurs are still the Spurs. And of course: Houston with a massive blowout of Portland. Yao perfect from the field and the line, and only needed for 24 minutes.

Now click on through for the links. Because it is way past my bedtime in this time zone, and there are still quite a few links to post, I'm going to change up the format a bit. Tonight's Closing Credits will be in the form of keywords. You can let me know in the comments which format you prefer.

LA Times: more Jordan Farmar
LA Daily News
: championship wanted; many sacrifices made
Dwight Howard
: dominate + smile + fun = very yes
Lakers Blog
: deron williams = doesn't matter
Jones on the NBA
: Nike talkin' trash
Sports Illustrated
: Kobe = toughest ever
: someone told Kobe how to get to Sesame Street, + more
Kevin Ding
: Kobe = DPOY candidate
: thoughts on KG injury
The Painted Area
: how close is it in the West? 1 or 2 shots changed EVERYTHING
Mark Kreigel
: Kobe legacy needs championship now
: Kupchack in retrospect; agree?
Phil Jackson
: no thanks, LeBron
: 10 playoff questions
An Ohio newspaper
: already callin' it for Kobe
: Allan Houston on Kobe
: hot hand = nope; how do they explain 81 & 4x50+? more thoughts later
: Lakers feeling great, working hard; glad playoffs finally here
OC Register
: Bynum = smarter than KG
: more thoughts on Jazz "O" vs. Lakers "D"
LA Times
: duh?
: fantastic Lakers-Jazz preview
The Painted Area
: callin' Lakers over Cavs already
Kevin Arnovitz
: Derrick Rose = realo dealo, muy awesomo; steals Boston home court
Jazz: exciting, revolutionary approach to guarding Kobe
NYTimes: Wade MVP = sorry, nope
OC Reg: Lakers not worried about road
Ken Berger: Finals = Kobe > LeBron
Mike Freeman: Cleveland cursed

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