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Opening Credits: Tuesday

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As part of an effort to make this your one-stop shop for everything Lakers, I'll be doing my best to bring you any interesting Lakers news from across the WWW. Though not necessarily guaranteed, I'm hoping that most days will feature both a morning and an afternoon/evening post.

I've yet to come up with a name for each of these types of regular posts, and am open to suggestions. For now, I'll be calling both the morning and evening editions "The Daily Gossip."

UPDATE: I've settled on namesfor the daily links posts. In keeping with the Silver Screen theme, morning posts will be called "Opening Credits," and afternoon/evening posts will be called "Closing Credits." The name of this post has been updated accordingly.'s Scott Howard-Cooper questions the decision to start Andrew Bynum going into the playoffs, citing potential chemistry issues. I, for one, like the idea, and think early indications on Bynum's return are promising. More on that to come.

Phil Jackson breaks up with Jordan Farmar, using the classic, "It's not you, it's Shannon Brown" line.

Despite recently ctiricizing the Lakers for coasting through the final weeks of the regular season, Phil Jackson believes his team has an extra gear: "These guys know the difference between regular season and playoff games. They know they have to have an extra gear for the playoffs. We're going to try to get that as we go through this next week. Get a couple of days off, get ourselves going, get ready for the playoffs, get our execution down, and some of our defensive things."

Derek Fisher isn't worried about his recent shooting slump. As long as he's got his stroke back by June, neither am I.

Highlights from Sunday's Grizzlies game. Bynum looked great, Ariza got to the rim at will, Kobe hit virtually everything, and the fans enjoyed some Showtime 2.0 moments. Yawn. Sasha Vujacic dunked!! Do we really care about anything else?

The Lakers have had their share of Amazing.

Want to talk Shannon Brown? Here's a start. Also, looks like Gils_Keloids needs to head over to FB&G with his nickname.

Kobe Bryant, Derek Fisher, and Trevor Ariza all play their 82nd game of the year tonight. What a difference a couple years makes! Also, this is Kobe's second straight season with perfect attendance, on top of playing international basketball in each of the last two summers (FIBA 2007, Olympics 2008).

I remember this moment. Seeing Bynum bent over momentarily was scary. But it may also have been the moment that he gained some real confidence in the knee.

Lakers Blog interviews Shannon Brown.

Ironically, it was exactly this type of classless, disrespectful celebration on the part of the Celtics in Game 6 — before the game was even over — that exponentially increased my distaste for Boston. Can't say I feel sorry for the Celtics, though I hope our guys never act like they and the Cavs have.

Preview of Spike Lee's Kobe Doin' Work. Who else can't wait to see the whole thing?

Kobe Bryant reallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreally doesn't care about the MVP Award. He's looking for more finger jewelry. Sidenote: I don't recall Kobe ever engaging in the kind of blatant self-promotion LeBron does in the quotes of this article.

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