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Lakers-Jazz Open Thread

Lots of red flags waiving around Lakerdom tonight. Road game. Kobe's finger. Stage two of a back-to-back. Overnight travel to a cold, grim climate. Kobe's finger. Utah craving revenge for the Quarter That Will Live in Infamy.

Kobe's finger.

Good news, though: the Jazz will once again wear their Green Bay Packer tribute uniforms tonight. The Lakers will wear their home golds. On Wednesday, at least, this color combination treated us well.

These shall be your drinking-game triggers for the evening.

  • Avulsion fracture.
  • "Payback."
  • Any technical or flagrant foul, of which I expect there to be at least three.
  • Anything about the Lakers finally being "tested on the road."
  • Any full sentence from Hot Rod Hundley all of whose words you actually understand and can transcribe accurately.

The Lakers are favored by 2 tonight. The floor is now yours.

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