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ALL-STAR VOTES: So Far, Kobe (& T-Mac?) Leads — Gasol & Bynum, Not So Much

The first round of All-Star Voting Results is in, and Kobe Bryant is leading all vote-getters in both conferences. Dwyane Wade is next, followed by LeBron James and Dwight Howard. Not all that surprising, of course — but click the jump for the more interesting bits...

For those of you looking for 2-3 Lakers in the All-Star game — well, you may get your wish, but if early returns are any indication, it may be up to the coaches (who pick the reserves) to make it happen. So far, Andrew Bynum trails Amare Stoudemire at the center position by nearly 150,000 votes. Meanwhile, Pau Gasol is about 86,000 votes behind Dirk Nowitzki for the second starting forward slot in the West (remember, the fans pick the starters, which means two guards, two forwards, and a center).

Pau's absence from the first 11 games of the season may have something to do with why he's 308,000 behind Carmelo Anthony and 86,000 behind Nowitzki — then again, Tracy McGrady is currently the second starting guard for the West, despite not playing a single game, edging out several other deserving West guards who have, you know, actually played this year ... like Steve Nash (by 9,000 votes), Chris Paul (by 33,000), Jason Kidd (by 74,000), and Chauncey Billups (by 150,000).

Thank you, China!

Hat tip: Gils

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