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Lakers-Rockets Open Thread


Welcome to Houston, home of Enron and a tattoo parlor I once saw there called Tat Dat Azz. These days, of course, it's also home to our old friend Trevor Ariza, pictured above in an Earl Campbell throwback.

(No, sorry. That's... I guess that's just an old picture of Earl Campbell.)

The Lakers are favored by 2 1/2 points tonight, a piece of information I pass along for the gamblers out there. And if you're not a gambler, you should really think about becoming one. It's fun, profitable and legal in some places!

And did you know the USFL had a franchise called the Houston Gamblers? Ahhh, it's all coming together, isn't it? The circle of life is a beautiful thing.

This is your open thread. Let's make some sweet music together.

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