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Sloppy Beats Sloppy As Lakers Top Thunder Postgame Thread

At no point will the word pretty come into any discussion regarding tonight's game. It was flat out ugly from the first tip until the final buzzer, where the Lakers found themselves 101-98 winners in overtime. The Lakers turned the ball over 26 times. I'm going to say it again, 26 TIMES, just in case you thought it was a typo. The Thunder weren't very good for their part, turning it over 21 times. Add in a combined 50 fouls and it was not the most enjoyable of games to watch. Lamar Odom's air ball on the final free throw that could have given the Lakers a four-point lead to wrap the game up just about summed up the game.

Here's your box score and it's the minutes played that stands out most. Kobe Bryant, 46 minutes. Lamar Odom, 43 minutes. Ron Artest, 47 minutes. Andrew Bynum, 49 MINUTES. Those aren't numbers you ever want to see and you definitely don't want to see it in the first half of a back to back. Tomorrow sure will be an interesting one.

So what'd you think of the game? As appalled at the level of performance as I was? Did you feel the need to watch your 8 your old cousin and his friends play some ball so you could see some better quality basketball? Did you lose all faith in humanity? I say yes to all of the above, but at least the Lakers got the W and sit at 3-1.

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