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Lakers-Thunder Game Thread

Hee hee... "Jacktown"
Hee hee... "Jacktown"

It's an early tip-off today, little darlings. I had to set an alarm clock just to be sure I'd be up on time for this. Last night was a late one for yours truly... I'm not at liberty to share the details, but suffice it to say crime doesn't fight itself on the dark streets of Hollywood.

Kobe, as you've probably heard, is suffering from the always popular Flu-Like Symptoms. Latest update I saw is that his fever's gone, but he's nonetheless a gametime decision. Also a gametime decision: whether I'll ever put on something over these boxers.

Get busy commentin', or get busy dyin'.

Ed. Note: I'm jumping in on the end of Dex's Game Thread.

The Lakers, as they usually do when they play on Tuesdays, got voted into NBA TV Fan Night. And unfortunately, out here in Kansas, we don't have local TV to fall back on. So since I'm SOL for this game (at least until tomorrow or Thursday, when I can, *ahem*, "acquire" it by other means), I'll be keeping pretty involved in these game threads, and relying on you to keep me up-to-date, if there's something the box-score and play-by-play can't convey.

Feel free to be descriptive, people.

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