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Lakers-Nets Open Thread


Sexiest photo ever? Yes, my friends. Sexiest photo ever. (But ladies, would it've killed you to show a little more skin?)

Tonight's opponent arrives at Staples in an advanced state of bedragglement. After reports leaked last night that Lawrence Frank would be taken out back and shot after they played the Lakers, the New Jersey Nets decided a quick and clean hit was better for all involved. Just like that, Coach Frank became Ex-Coach Frank and joined the nation's unemployed riffraff. I assume he's moved into his mom's basement and will launch his own sports blog this week.

Tom Barisse will coach the Nets tonight. No, I've no idea who he is, either. Unfortunately, his immediate legacy is gonna be that he coached New Jersey into a tie for the most losses to start an NBA season, at 17. He probably wishes they'd waited until after loss #18 to promote him.

Your drinking game triggers for tonight: Bruce Springsteen, The Sopranos, the 2002 NBA Finals and (to get everyone really messed up) "oh and 17."

Here's your open thread. It's time to step on some ants.

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