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Tonight's Top Stories


Lamar Odom -  is buying a $4 million house in Tarzana with wife Khloe Kardashian. Sources tell me it has seven bedrooms and nine bathrooms. Also, it has its own wireless Internet feed, unlike this refrigerator box I'm living in. Please don't tell the Coffee Bean down the alley I'm ganking their signal.

Shannon Brown - will be the subject of a Lakers promotional campaign designed to land him a spot in this year's dunk contest. 

The New Jersey Nets - lost to Portland tonight and are now 0-15. If they lose to Sacramento on Friday, their game Sunday against the Lakers will be to tie the NBA's all-time record of 17 losses to start a season. That would be kind of awesome.

Cake - is delicious. But if you go through the trouble of designing a Lakers cake, you should at least include an NBA-regulation three point line.

Thanksgiving - is tomorrow. Have a great one, rockers.

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