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Lakers-Knicks Open Thread


Here's something I don't admit to many people: I was once a New York Knicks ticket subscriber.

For two whole seasons.

It was the final year of the still-incomprehensible Isiah era and year one of D'Antoni, I was living in New York City, and I was desperate for basketball. Any basketball. I'm not proud of what I did, nor how much of my money helped bankroll some of the worst NBA teams in recent memory.

The experience did, though, leave me with enormous sympathy for the Knicks faithful, who've had to endure an awful, horrible product for nearly a decade now. To put it in perspective: imagine the 2004-05 Lakers season. Now subtract Kobe. Now stretch it out for eight years. And counting.

So as another epic asskicking of the Knicks unfolds tonight, pour one out for New York fans. They've had it rough for a while.

Here's your open thread.

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