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Postgame Thread: Lakers Trounce Suns

Woo! What's not to like, right? Well, the site wasn't working for me tonight, so it was hard to be part of the conversation. But oh dear god, what a juggernaut the Lakers are beginning to look like!

Pau Gasol hasn't played a game, and lately, it hasn't seemed to matter. The third straight blowout in a row, but this one came against a good team — the former best team in the West. Or, uh... at least, the former best record in the West.

Kobe and Bynum revived the old inside/outside game tonight. Wait, no. Not really, because it was pretty much just an inside/inside game tonight. The two dominated in the paint. 29/4/4 on 13-21 shooting for Kobe, and 26/15/3 on 13-18 shooting for Bynum. 121-102 victory for the Lakers that was automatic since partway through the third.

This is your postgame thread.

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