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The Credits: Rising Sun

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The Los Angeles Times:
Up next for Lakers: Thursday vs. Phoenix
Lakers will get a couple of early tests in Phoenix and Denver
Phoenix Suns going back to the basics
Phil Jackson was joking about Pau Gasol's Christmas return
Pau Gasol: Everything you always wanted to know about hamstrings*... *But were afraid to ask

The OC Register:
Lakers' Pau is soft and smart
Pau Gasol hasn’t felt pressured by Lakers to come back fast
Pau Gasol’s return no longer coming very soon
Lakers matchup: 8-1 Phoenix, 7:30 p.m.

LA Daily News:
Lakers' next two games 'a good measure' of progress

Forum Blue And Gold " The Suns Are 7-1? Seriously?
LAKERS: Ron Artest: Royal Rumbles, Tupac and Math
Run-and-gun Suns a test for Lakers |
Phil Jackson clarifies: Pau Gasol still day to day - ESPN
Forum Blue And Gold " Artest Is Doing Things Big and Little
BenchMob Beat: Well-Reserved | The Lakers Nation
Suns Exterminate the Pests 124-104 - Bright Side Of The Sun
The Association: Five Questions About the Phoenix Suns
Why Losing to the Lakers is a Good Plan for the Suns - Bright Side Of The Sun
Forum Blue And Gold » The Suns is a Phoenix

NBA All-Star 2010 Ballot
Vote for your Lakers!

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Lakers Audio/Video:

The Los Angeles Times:  Lakers at 50:
Broderick Turner chooses the greatest Laker center
Lakers at 50: Abdul-Jabbar hits the jackpot with sky hook in Vegas
It just adds up: On points, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is Lakers' top center


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