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The Lou Gossett, Jr. Memorial Postgame Thread


Ol' Lou's not actually dead, I should point out. In fact, according to IMDB, he's at work these days filming Why Did I Get Married Too, a sequel to some horrible movie none of you saw. That's super not interesting, of course, but it's still way more interesting than his conversation tonight with Joel and Stu during the Lakers118-110 victory over the Atlanta Hawks.

If you watched, you know what I'm referring to. During the second quarter viewers were, uh, "treated" to an interview with Mr. Gossett, and two hours removed from the ordeal I still don't have any solid idea what he was talking about. Something about a foundation, maybe? Who knows. I'm just grateful it's over.

So the Lakers cleansed their palate after the Dallas fiasco and are 2-1 on the year. Kobe scored 41, Bynum 21 and Lamar fell two assists shy of a trip-dub. Delicious victory!

We'll see you in the morning.

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