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The Credits

It's Sunday, so today's Credits will be brief.  But there was some good stuff in yesterday's Credits.  If you're at home with the time to read, read those too.

(I watched the 1st half of the Rockets game, and I was proud to see Trevor have that game.  Good for him.  I know people are going to see what Trevor has been doing and go all Bill Simmons, but as much as I love what Trevor did for us, I still think the ceiling is higher with Ron.  Give Ron some time.  He was doing for Houston what Trevor is doing now, and Trevor had to find his groove with the Lakers early last season.  So will Ron.)

I photo-shopped Atlanta's unis.  Don't they look so much better in their previous colors?  ATL should have never changed them.  Never mind the fact that the design will probably get changed in a few years.  It seems generic.


Here's the home uni:


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