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The Credits

(Hat tip to olf for the video link)

Los Angeles Times:

(If you don't like the LA Times, then you can read the same topics at....)

LA Daily News:

Orange County Register:



Click on through for the rest of the links, including some Warriors links (since we'll see them again and AGAIN!)....




Read up on the Warriors:

Someone better hide Mikki Moore for this game.  He might not want this again:



This is just too good to not show again and again. 

By the way, Ohkeedoke News is reporting that Henry Abbott has called to say that Shannon Brown should have passed the ball to Lamar Odom.  "The basketball gods, and Tex Winter, all want Brown to hit Odom with a pass.  When people talking about making the right basketball play, that's what they're talking about."  In a game that matters, he's right.  In the regular season, against the Spurs, Brown just might do that.  Should do that.  And for those who can't detect sarcasm, I made the call up.

Hat tip to Bernie's comments on FB & G.

I posted these fairly early, so it will be updated throughout the day, as it gets published.  If any readers come across something good, feel free to post the link in the comments.

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