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The first game of the pre-season is tonight.

Finally we get just enough basketball to whet our appetite even further for the upcoming seaseon, as the Los Angeles Lakers take on the Golden State Warriors at 7 PM at the Honda Center  Much like a practice test in college, the results don't matter, but the lessons learned are real.  I don't have time to do a full breakdown, but here are some of the questions I want to see answered tonight.
How is Andrew Bynum moving?
On offense, I want to see if he has that explosion and that confidence.  On defense, I want to see if he really has improved the way he plays the pick and roll.
Who among Adam Morrison or Sasha Vujacic takes the lead out of the gate in the race to re-discover their mojo?
In terms of getting PT when the real games start, Sasha is miles ahead of Morrison because he is a better defender, knows the offense better, and can play the position (PG) which is in most need of backup relief.  But if Sasha continues to struggle with his MO (outside shooting) and Morrison steps up to be the dead-eye shooter that is needed, he could definitely find himself getting some PT.
Is Shannon Brown or Jordan Farmar the 1st PG off the bench?  Are they also the 1st guard off the bench?
Fisher is almost a certainty to be the first player to be subbed (foul trouble aside) so it will be interesting to see whether Brown or Farmar gets the nod once that substitution happens.  Or will Sasha swoop in and steal both players' PT?
Do any of the additions have even a chance of hanging on to a roster spot?
Nevermind, the answer to this question is already known.  Unless your last name is Gelebale.  He might, might, have a chance.
How do the replacement refs fare?
These games aren't likely to be pressure cooker situations, and I doubt heavily that the crowd will provide the neccesary atmosphere to really have any influence over the game, but how will the refs handle the game? 
And of course, probably the most important question is How does Ron Artest look in our offense?
I don't even need to break this one down.  It's the thing everyone wants to see.
We'll have game threads up hopefully starting around 6:30.  Bring your friends.

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