Discuss Excerpts from Tim Donaghy's Book Here

Tim Donaghy's book was pulled by the publisher because of "potential liabilities". This means the NBA will sue the pants off of them if it ever makes it to the book shelf.

But that hasn't stopped Deadspin from publishing excerpts of it on its site, titling it "The Book the NBA Doesn't Want You Read". It's juicy, with tales of refs betting on who will call the first foul, and ref sessions on how to officiate Kobe - Raja Bell matchups. Here's one tidbit:

If a player of Kobe's stature collides with the likes of Raja Bell, the call will almost always go for Kobe and against Bell. As part of our ongoing training and game preparation, NBA referees regularly receive game-action video tape from the league office. Over the years, I have reviewed many recorded hours of video involving Raja Bell. The footage I analyzed usually illustrated fouls being called against Bell, rarely for him. The message was subtle but clear — call fouls against the star stopper because he's hurting the game.

Or, maybe the message is that Raja Bell fouls Kobe a lot more than Kobe fouls Raja Bell.

There's also some damning statements about the Sacramento-Lakers playoff series. You can attack the messenger's credibility, but if you believe a shred of what he says, you will not watch basketball in the same way again.

Read the rest here and discuss.