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Alex Caruso calls his memorable dunks ‘just par for the course’

Alex Caruso may be the person least surprised or impressed by Alex Caruso.

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Podcast: Talking Lakers 2021 cap space, LeBron James, player empowerment and more

The way LeBron James has affected the way the league runs could be good news for the Lakers in 2021.

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Draymond Green thinks the way LeBron James has empowered players to take control of their careers is his ‘biggest accomplishment’

Draymond Green believes that a big part of the expanding interest in the NBA is the way that LeBron James has inspired players to move around and do what is best for themselves in their careers.

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Alex Caruso thinks the Lakers can be ‘really good’ defensively, and that Anthony Davis can win Defensive Player of the Year

With many already penciling in the Lakers taking a step forward on offense after their moves this summer, Alex Caruso believes the team could also be stout defensively.

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Frank Vogel says the Lakers ‘have the pieces to compete for a championship’

Frank Vogel thinks the Lakers will have a chance at winning the title next season if, and only if, they can get on the same page by the time the postseason rolls around.

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Most Interesting Lakers No. 1: Can Anthony Davis reclaim a spot in the top-five NBA players conversation?

Anthony Davis did plenty of damage to himself to get to the Lakers. Now, it’s time to produce.

Bernie Sanders says he’d pick LeBron James over Michael Jordan

When asked to choose between Michael Jordan or LeBron James, presidential candidate Bernie Sanders picked the Lakers star.

Frank Vogel says Dwight Howard has the potential to be one of the best role players in the NBA

While there are skeptics when it comes to whether or not Dwight Howard can make a positive impact on the Lakers this year, Frank Vogel isn’t one of them.

Doc Rivers implies it would be ‘tough to be in L.A.’ for Clippers if Lakers had signed Kawhi Leonard

Doc Rivers is right.

Here is everyone we know is going to training camp with the Lakers in 2019

The 2019 Lakers training camp roster is rounding into form, with (likely) just one spot left up for grabs.

Frank Vogel calls LeBron James and Anthony Davis ‘the two best players I’ll ever have had the opportunity to coach’

New Lakers head coach Frank Vogel is not taking the chance to work with LeBron James and Anthony Davis for granted.

Alex Caruso outlines his role on Lakers and why ‘best player in the world’ LeBron James makes the game so much easier on him

Alex Caruso is excited to be back on the Lakers (and in the NBA) full-time, in part because of his chemistry with LeBron James.

HBO finds their Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Jerry Buss for Showtime Lakers series

Prominent figures of the Showtime Lakers have been cast for HBO’s upcoming series.

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Jerry Colangelo thought Kyle Kuzma would be ‘a big help’ to Team USA

It sounds like Jerry Colangelo thinks Kyle Kuzma could have made a difference for Team USA this summer before he hurt his ankle.

Quinn Cook says watching Derek Fisher, Robert Horry inspired him to take ‘big shots’ throughout his career

As a lifelong Lakers fan, Quinn Cook has seen some big shots in his life, something that has motivated him in his career.

Dwight Howard said he wanted to inherit the Lakers from Kobe Bryant

Before things went awry between Kobe Bryant and Dwight Howard in Los Angeles, Howard had hopes of being the next face of the Lakers.

Quinn Cook ‘fantasizes’ about winning a championship with the Lakers for his late father

Quinn Cook is hoping to make his late father proud by winning a championship with their favorite team, the Los Angeles Lakers.

Frank Vogel says Anthony Davis will play ‘some’ center during the regular season, but wants to mostly keep him fresh for the playoffs

Anthony Davis will play some center, but Frank Vogel doesn’t want to burn him out during the regular season.

Kyle Kuzma reportedly ‘closing in’ on shoe deal with Puma

After two years with Nike, Kyle Kuzma is embarking on a new journey with Puma.

Kobe Bryant thinks Dwight Howard is ‘ready’ to do ‘whatever is necessary’ to help Lakers win

Kobe Bryant knows better than just about anyone how poorly things went the first time Dwight Howard was on the Lakers. He thinks this time can be different.

Where has all the purple gone?

A once legendary staple synonymous with Lakers road games is swiftly starting to fade away.

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Grizzlies ‘refusing’ to discuss buyout with Andre Iguodala, reportedly expect him to come to training camp

Those of you waiting on Andre Iguodala to come and save the Lakers’ wing rotation may be waiting at least a while longer, because the Grizzlies don’t want to let him go.

Anthony Davis wants to push LeBron James to make an All-Defensive team

Anthony Davis doesn’t just have high expectations for himself. He wants to push Lakers star LeBron James to higher heights, too.

Anthony Davis wants to win Defensive Player of the Year

Anthony Davis has high expectations for himself. Not only does he want to lead the Lakers to a title, but he also wants to win Defensive Player of the Year while he does it.

LeBron James asked the Lakers to make Anthony Davis the team’s offensive ‘focal point’

Lakers star Anthony Davis says that it’s ‘an honor’ to have LeBron James placing faith in him to be the center of the team’s offensive attack.

Lakers reportedly apply for disabled player exception for DeMarcus Cousins

With DeMarcus Cousins done for the year with his ACL injury, the Lakers took action to try and be able to find a player who is ready to contribute.

Kobe Bryant explains why he thinks the Lakers made Kyle Kuzma untouchable this summer

Kobe Bryant understands why the Lakers kept Kyle Kuzma around.

Quinn Cook calls working with Jason Kidd, Rajon Rondo and LeBron James every day ‘a point guard’s dream’

Quinn Cook is well aware of the wealth of knowledge the Lakers will have in their locker room next season between Rajon Rondo, LeBron James and Jason Kidd.

Dwyane Wade says he plans to help LeBron James with pre-game workouts next season

LeBron James and the Lakers will get a little help from Dwyane Wade, just not in an official capacity.

Kobe Bryant explains why he doesn’t help Rob Pelinka recruit free agents to the Lakers

Kobe Bryant is retired, and doesn’t want to get involved in Lakers business. He thinks Rob Pelinka can handle himself.

Dwight Howard says criticism from Shaq and Kobe doesn’t matter: ‘My job is to come here and help this team win’

Dwight Howard is trying to ignore any jokes at his expense from Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal during his second go-round with the Lakers. He just wants to focus on doing his job.

Anthony Davis sees Lakers in championship this year, is excited to play with LeBron James and has been working on his 3-pointer

Lakers star Anthony Davis gave an update on his offseason efforts, as well as how happy he is to join LeBron James in pursuit of a championship.

Josh Hart says he wishes Lakers would have called him before he found out he was traded on Twitter

Josh Hart is the second former member of the Lakers this week to say they found out they were traded on Twitter.

Anthony Davis says the Lakers ‘main goal’ is to ‘come together and win a championship,’ and he’s ‘willing to’ play center to do it

At the launch party for NBA 2K20, Anthony Davis — the game’s cover star — made it clear that while he’s not in a rush to play center, he understands that the loss of DeMarcus Cousins means he may have to a bit more. If it helps get the Lakers a championship, it appears he’s willing to do what it takes.

Dwyane Wade says the way LeBron James is ‘still dominating’ in year 17 is ‘special’ to see

Dwyane Wade is going to spending some of his retirement at Staples Center, watching LeBron James. He thinks the way James is still dominating nearly two decades after they were drafted together is something fans shouldn’t take for granted.


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