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Isaac Bonga’s impressive growth should make the Lakers and their fans excited

The Lakers took a gamble by taking then 18-year-old, Isaac Bonga, over more recognizable prospects in the 2018 NBA Draft. It’s still too early to know if they made the right call, but Bonga certainly looks great so far.

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Kevin Durant says his spat with Draymond Green won’t affect his free agency

Draymond Green and Kevin Durant may have been at odds last week, but Durant says things were blown out of proportion.

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Luke Walton says Alex Caruso is an ‘insurance policy’ on current road trip, but probably won’t play

The Lakers are still waiting on Rajon Rondo to return from injury, but while Luke Walton is looking elsewhere for point guard help, don’t expect him to slide Alex Caruso into any of those minutes.

Kyle Kuzma motivated by playing for a historic organization like Lakers, learning from Rajon Rondo and LeBron James

Kyle Kuzma talked about what it means to him to wear a Lakers uniform, and what he’s learned from his new veteran teammates Rajon Rondo and LeBron James.

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George Hill says Cavaliers fans shouldn’t boo LeBron James: ‘If you boo him, you’re an a**hole’

With LeBron James about to make his return to Cleveland, George Hill warned fans against booing him, even if James now plays for the Lakers.

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Luke Walton says he’s looking for ways to get Michael Beasley more minutes

His preference noted, the Lakers are winning, so Luke Walton tweaking the rotation — even for Michael Beasley — seems out of the question.

Kyle Kuzma says he’s happy to be playing power forward again

Kyle Kuzma is playing his natural position again, but the Lakers still can’t get him to defend anyone.

Podcast: Why LeBron James might seem happier with the Lakers than he did with Cleveland

LeBron James gets to focus on basketball as he trusts the front office and ownership of the Lakers. That has to help his mood.

Magic Johnson ‘loves’ Tyson Chandler, who he says sets ‘some of the best picks in basketball’

Lakers president of basketball operations Magic Johnson likes what he’s seen from Tyson Chandler so far.

Luke Walton says the Lakers don’t need any specific amount of scoring from Lonzo Ball

Luke Walton knows the Lakers need Lonzo Ball to impact the game all over the court, not just by putting the ball in the basket.

Erik Spoelstra says Luke Walton is ‘the perfect guy to coach’ LeBron James and the Lakers

Erik Spoelstra has some experience with the drama that can come when one coaches LeBron James, so it’s worth listening when he says he thinks Luke Walton is set for success with the Lakers.

Magic Johnson says he likes the growth the Lakers have shown, says to look out for them in 2019

Magic Johnson is impressed by the progress he’s noticed from the Lakers, but thinks they’ll be even more dangerous in the new year.

Laker Film Room: How LeBron James scored 51 points as the Lakers beat the Heat

LeBron James was unstoppable in his first 50-point game for the Lakers, and he also now has his first win over the Heat in Miami since leaving the team.

No, the Lakers shouldn’t trade for Bradley Beal, John Wall or Otto Porter

The Wizards are reportedly blowing it up, but should LeBron James and the Lakers be interested in their superstars even if they’re available? Bradley Beal and John Wall are very good, but also very expensive.

LeBron James says his reception in Cleveland ‘better not’ be like it was in 2010 when Lakers take on Cavaliers on Wednesday

LeBron James was essentially met with pure vitriol the last time he returned to Cleveland as a member of an opposing team for the first time since leaving. He’s hoping his return when the Lakers play the Cavaliers is a little more welcoming.

Podcast: Can the Lakers team LeBron James up with Kevin Durant and Anthony Davis?

The Lakers are looking to put together a super team, but does the math work between the contracts of Kevin Durant, Anthony Davis and LeBron James?

Kyle Kuzma says LeBron James ‘could probably average 40 if he wanted to,’ but that other Lakers need to step up too

Kyle Kuzma enjoyed watching LeBron James dominate as much as the rest of us, but he also knows it wouldn’t be fair if the Lakers asked him to put up 51 every night.

Tyson Chandler says Michael Jordan is the only player who can be compared to LeBron James

Tyson Chandler heaped some effusive praise onto LeBron James after his 51-point performance against the Heat. The Lakers got a good one, it would seem. Maybe even the best one.

Luke Walton told Rajon Rondo to ‘shut the f**k up’ during Lakers coaches’ huddles

Rajon Rondo is injured, but he’s rejoined the Lakers during the team’s road trip. While he’s been helpful on the bench, Luke Walton also (jokingly?) asked him to be quiet when the coaches are huddling.

LeBron James is too hot for the Heat in his return to Miami

LeBron James had a throwback performance for the Lakers in one of his former haunts, putting up one of his best games of the year against the Heat.

Rajon Rondo has rejoined the Lakers after successful surgery on broken hand

Rajon Rondo is doing everything he can to get back to his Lakers teammates, even if he can’t play for a while.

Lonzo Ball says Lakers lacked fire against Magic, admits he didn’t play well

The Lakers didn’t give it their all against the Magic on Saturday, and Lonzo Ball took some of the blame.

Josh Hart on Lakers struggles on defense against Magic: ‘They kicked my f**king ass’

Josh Hart wasn’t happy with how he played on defense as the Lakers lost to the Magic.

NBA Free Agency

JaVale McGee says criticism from the media used to affect the way he played

Shows like "Shaqtin A Fool" used to regularly harp on any mistakes JaVale McGee made, and apparently it used to get in McGee’s head. As his strong play with the Lakers has shown this season, he’s not scared to mess up anymore.

LeBron James says the Lakers adding Carmelo Anthony in free agency isn’t his decision

Someone asked LeBron James for his thoughts on Carmelo Anthony and the Lakers. He said the team has a full roster and that it’s not his call who the front office signs anyway.

Lakers start off road trip with blowout loss to Orlando

The Los Angeles Lakers couldn’t beat the Orlando Magic to start their three-game work trip.

Today's NBA news

Rajon Rondo uses trash talk to make sure Lonzo Ball stays focused

Whatever it takes, the Lakers absolutely need Lonzo Ball to remain focused. Rajon Rondo has an interesting strategy to help.

Kyle Kuzma grew up idolizing ‘clutch’ players like Kobe Bryant, Tim Duncan and LeBron James

Lakers forward Kyle Kuzma gained his clutch gene by watching some of the greatest closers the NBA has ever seen in Tim Duncan, Kobe Bryant and now-teammate LeBron James.

Tyson Chandler discussed how he and LeBron James have grown since the 2011 NBA Finals

Tyson Chandler has teamed up with LeBron James before. Both players have grown as people and players since then, and the Lakers are lucky to have them.

Lakers favorites to land Kevin Durant in 2019 NBA free agency

If Kevin Durant ditches the Warriors this summer, the Lakers are odds-on favorites to land him.

Tyson Chandler says he doesn’t want to take playing time from JaVale McGee

JaVale McGee didn’t want his role reduced by another center. But bringing in Tyson Chandler was objectively the right move for the Lakers.

Lakers host community mentors, kids and first responders for Thanksgiving dinner

The Lakers are doing their part in the community before heading off on their longest road trip of the season so far.

Laker Film Room: Lonzo Ball is doing all the little things for the Lakers

From screening for LeBron James to making lightning-quick hit-ahead passes, Lonzo Ball has made winning plays in the last two Lakers wins.

The Lilliputian Laker reserve lineup has befuddled opponents and fans all year

The four-guard lineup that Luke Walton has used to start the second and fourth quarters has been quite good for the Lakers, but will it still be without Rajon Rondo?