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Magic Johnson, Larry Bird to be honored with Lifetime Achievement Award at NBA Awards

For the first time in their historic rivalry, Magic Johnson and Larry Bird won’t have to beat each other to win something.

League executives believe Lakers or Suns gave Darius Garland draft promise

Darius Garland left the NBA Draft Combine after reportedly receiving a promise for a team in the lottery. Was that team the Lakers?

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Bulls reportedly see Lonzo Ball as an ideal fit in their young core

Chicago has an interesting young core with Zach LaVine, Lauri Markkanen, and Wendell Carter Jr., and they view Lonzo Ball as the missing piece at point guard.

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Lakers met with Jontay Porter at 2019 NBA Draft Combine

The Lakers checked in with Missouri star Jontay Porter at the 2019 NBA Draft Combine on Friday.

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Giannis Antetokounmpo says the Eastern Conference Playoffs are wide open without LeBron James

Giannis Antetokounmpo and his Milwaukee Bucks are taking full advantage of LeBron James’ absence from the East this postseason.

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The Next Step: What each of the young Lakers need to improve on this summer

Josh Hart, Lonzo Ball, Kyle Kuzma and Brandon Ingram each have some things they need to work on this summer. Here’s what each of the young Lakers should be doing.

R.J. Barrett would prefer to be drafted by the Lakers or the Knicks

The Duke one-and-done would like to play in Los Angeles or New York. Shocking.

Tyronn Lue and Lakers management reportedly disagreed on Jason Kidd

The Lakers reportedly wanted Tyronn Lue to hire Jason Kidd, but he wasn’t on board with the idea.

Frank Vogel spoke with LeBron James ahead of introductory press conference on Monday

LeBron James and Frank Vogel are talking! We’re off to a great start!

Lakers reportedly won’t replace Magic Johnson, Rob Pelinka to answer to ownership

At long last, the Lakers have announced they won’t replace Magic Johnson. Instead, Rob Pelinka will continue to oversee basketball operations.

Lakers rumored to have interest in trading for Bradley Beal, Kyle Lowry or Derrick Favors

The Lakers are expected to explore the trade market this summer and they’ve already been linked to a few high-profile names.

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The Lakers are no longer on the timeline of developing young players

The lottery potentially gave the Lakers another young asset, but that probably isn’t the correct direction for this team to pursue.

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Gayle Benson reportedly will trade Anthony Davis to the Lakers over her ‘dead body’

Gayle Benson can say all she wants about the Lakers, but dismissing any potential bidder for Anthony Davis isn’t smart trade negotiation tactics.

Rob Pelinka says the Lakers have ‘a commitment’ to their fans ‘to be really good’ next season

Rob Pelinka wants the Lakers to be better next season because, duh.

Rob Pelinka thinks draft lottery reform is already having a ‘positive impact’ on the NBA

The Lakers benefitted from the NBA lottery odds being flattened. Rob Pelinka is a fan.

Lakers have already met with Cam Reddish, who says he’s been told he will drafted in 3-10 range

Maybe the Lakers are doing due diligence, but Cam Reddish doesn’t have the college bonafides to go where he is apparently being projected.

Rob Pelinka says Lakers won’t get ‘caught up in public opinion’

Rob Pelinka is aware that Lakers fans are unhappy, but he doesn’t plan on letting that change what he’s doing.

Rob Pelinka says his role in the draft process hasn’t changed, even with Magic Johnson leaving the Lakers

Despite Magic Johnson’s departure from the Lakers, Rob Pelinka says he’s going about business as usual.

What options do the Lakers have with the No. 4 pick?

The Lakers had some luck at the NBA Draft Lottery. Now what?

Pelicans reportedly still not interested in making an Anthony Davis trade with Lakers

Despite landing the No. 4 overall pick, the Lakers might still be on the outside looking in at Anthony Davis trade scenarios.

Rob Pelinka thinks that the Lakers don’t have to trade their pick, because younger players drafted in the top-five can still contribute to winning

Rob Pelinka didn’t give anything away while discussing the options facing the Lakers that they have the No. 4 pick. It was a nice change from last year.

LeBron James, Josh Hart and Kyle Kuzma were all excited to see the Lakers get the No. 4 pick

The Lakers dropped jaws at the NBA Draft Lottery on Monday and everyone from LeBron James to Josh Hart is stoked about it.

Why the Lakers rehiring Judy Seto is a great move

Physical therapist Judy Seto is very well-respected in the sports therapy world. When I reached out to colleagues, four themes emerged regarding the returning Lakers employee.

Rob Pelinka says Lakers will evaluate players for No. 4 pick, but also see how the league values it in the trade market

Translation: The Lakers are almost definitely trading their pick, no matter what Rob Pelinka is saying publicly right now. It just makes too much sense not to.

Anthony Davis has reportedly not changed his mind on trade request, keeping door open for Lakers to deal for him

The Lakers moved into prime position to trade for Anthony Davis, who still appears to want out of New Orleans despite Zion Williamson being on the way.

NBA draft lottery results 2019: Lakers land No. 4 pick

The Lakers finally know what pick they have in the 2019 NBA Draft, and now the real fun begins, as the team will have plenty of options on draft night, and in the lead-up to it.

Report: The Lakers never offered Monty Williams their head coaching job

After hearing about the process that eventually led to Frank Vogel, it really seems like the Lakers have too many voices in the front office.

The Lakers started draft workouts for summer league prospects, possible second-rounders

The Lakers have begun working out players before the 2019 NBA draft, but so far it’s mostly fringe guys.

Jeanie Buss trusts Linda Rambis more than any of her other advisors, reportedly has leaned on her more since Magic Johnson quit

Linda Rambis shouldn’t be a new name, though the amount of power she apparently wields might surprise you. Jeanie Buss has to hope she lives up to that responsibility.

NBA draft lottery 2019: Start time, TV channel, how to watch online and Lakers lottery odds

How much of a chance the Lakers have at the No. 1 pick, what time the lottery will start, plus where and what time you can watch are all answered below.

Frank Vogel says he’s ‘long admired’ the Lakers organization, while Rob Pelinka is ‘excited’ to add a coach with Vogel’s ‘proven track record’ of playoff success

It’s just a press release, but it still sounds like Rob Pelinka and Frank Vogel are optimistic about their new partnership with the Lakers.

After finally announcing they’ve hired Frank Vogel, the Lakers have a lot to answer for

In Frank Vogel, the Lakers very well might have hired a good coach for this situation, but they have to explain how they arrived here.

Here is why that LeBron James for Ben Simmons trade rumor probably isn’t worth worrying about

The rumor cyclone surrounding the Lakers is reaching a fever pitch, but let’s not go too crazy. LeBron James for Ben Simmons doesn’t make much sense on a few levels.

Shaquille O’Neal and Robert Horry say that Lakers fans should give Frank Vogel a chance before judging him

Although Frank Vogel wasn’t the team’s top choice for head coach, former Lakers are still asking fans to support the new man in charge.

LeBron James was reportedly ‘taken aback’ by the Lakers seeing their negotiations with Tyronn Lue break down

Tyronn Lue, whom LeBron James probably always preferred, saw negotiations crumble with the Lakers. Of course James wasn’t happy to see that, Instagram likes notwithstanding.