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How pairing with Anthony Davis again could lead to a breakout season for DeMarcus Cousins

In the 2017-18 season, both Anthony Davis and DeMarcus Cousins made the All-Star Team and loved playing alongside each other. Cousins has been a great player without AD, but with him, he’s able to take his game to another level.

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Lakers sign Jordan Caroline to training camp deal

Jordan Caroline raises the Lakers’ roster count to 18 players.

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Danny Green told Frank Vogel that his biggest priority is the defensive end of the floor

Danny Green is talking Frank Vogel’s language.

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Kyle Kuzma to leave Priority Sports and Entertainment, has yet to meet with prospective agents

Going into the biggest season of his young career, Kyle Kuzma is reportedly in the market for new representation.

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Frank Vogel to bring former Magic, Hornets assistant Quinton Crawford onto coaching staff

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Podcast: Where does Anthony Davis fit in the era of NBA superstar empowerment?

NBA stars hold more power now than any American athletes, really, ever. Anthony Davis used his to get to the Lakers, but could that be a double-edged sword?

Lakers, Raptors had complaints about how Kawhi Leonard handled free agency

The Lakers and Raptors were always going to be disappointed that Kawhi Leonard didn’t sign with them, but do they have legitimate complaints?

Laker Film Room: The complementary skills that LeBron James, Anthony Davis, and Danny Green bring to the Lakers

Danny Green isn’t the third star that the Lakers wanted, but he’s a great fit with LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

Frank Vogel compares DeMarcus Cousins recovery to Paul George, thinks Cousins can still be ‘powerful, dominant’

Lakers head coach Frank Vogel is hopeful that this season will be better for DeMarcus Cousins.

Danny Green detailed how the Raptors came together so quickly, and how the Lakers will have to do the same if they want to be a contender

Danny Green said the Raptors had a few lucky breaks, but had to make it work regardless and took advantage. The Lakers will need to do the same.

Which new signing will surprise Lakers fans next season?

The Lakers made a few value signings that could pay off for them in a big way next season.

Lethal Shooter explains what Kyle Kuzma has changed about his jump shot this offseason

Kyle Kuzma struggled mightily as a shooter last season. He’s enlisted Twitter’s favorite shooting coach to change that to hopefully ensure this year he’s more productive. The Lakers need him to be.

Frank Vogel outlined his main offensive philosophy for this season: Spacing the floor around LeBron James and Anthony Davis

Frank Vogel understands basketball.

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David Griffin thanks Rob Pelinka for ‘fair and direct’ negotiations as Lakers and Pelicans worked on Anthony Davis trade

David Griffin praised Rob Pelinka for his approach to negotiations for Anthony Davis. Quite the humble brag.

NBA 2K gave us our first look at Anthony Davis in the new Lakers jerseys

Anthony Davis showed off one of the new Lakers jerseys, and it appears they’re different from last year’s.

James Dolan reportedly tried (and failed) to get Jeanie Buss to move the Lakers back to Inglewood

The Lakers won’t be moving back to Inglewood, apparently, but New York Knicks (and Forum) owner James Dolan reportedly attempted to get Jeanie Buss to make it happen.

Troy Daniels says Anthony Davis and Rob Pelinka recruited him to pick the Lakers over the Thunder, Warriors in free agency

The Lakers beat out a few heavyweights for Troy Daniels, and Anthony Davis and Rob Pelinka are to thank for that.

Podcast: Where do the Lakers stand compared to other title hopefuls?

The NBA is wide open this year. So how do the Lakers compare to the several other teams legitimately contending for a championship?

Today's NBA news

Quinn Cook, Jared Dudley and Avery Bradley love how ‘deep’ the Lakers are after free agency and trade additions

Quinn Cook, Jared Dudley and Avery Bradley think the depth the Lakers have will push everyone to be better, and allow the team to have a bunch of versatile and different lineup combinations.

Avery Bradley joined the Lakers because of his relationship with Rajon Rondo, and for a chance to play with ‘best player in the world’ LeBron James

An opportunity to reunite with Rajon Rondo and play alongside LeBron James led Avery Bradley to Los Angeles.

Frank Vogel says he’s had ‘positive’ communications with LeBron James and Anthony Davis, who have expressed ‘mutual respect’ for him

Lakers head coach Frank Vogel insists everything is fine between him, LeBron James and Anthony Davis. It’s July.

Avery Bradley says he’s ‘100 percent’ healthy and thinks he can play a meaningful role for the Lakers

Avery Bradley started to look like his old self in Memphis. He’s hoping to pick up from right there with the Lakers.

Anthony Davis is excited for the Lakers and Clippers rivalry, and other things we learned from the NBA 2K cover reveal

NBA 2K20 star Anthony Davis is ready to win games with the Lakers (and hopefully improve his in-game rating in the process).

Anthony Davis wants to improve his ballhandling, 3-point shooting and free-throw percentage while getting stronger this summer

As crazy as it sounds, there is still plenty Anthony Davis can do to improve in his first season with the Lakers.

Lonzo Ball says he was ‘kind of excited’ when he heard news that Lakers traded him

Lonzo Ball, like the rest of anyone paying attention, saw the Anthony Davis trade coming. He and the Lakers are all ready to move on.

Podcast: What are fair expectations for LeBron James, Anthony Davis and the Lakers next season?

The Lakers are spouting championship or bust, but what are more fair expectations for a team with LeBron James and Anthony Davis heading into next season?

Danny Green thinks Kyle Kuzma is ‘a potential All-Star’

Danny Green is really high on what his new teammate Kyle Kuzma can do in the NBA.

Everything you need to know about new Lakers assistant coach Phil Handy

The Lakers hired one of the most-vaunted player development coaches in the league as an assistant over the weekend. Here are a few things Phil Handy can bring to the team.

Rob Pelinka says ‘there is no more complete basketball player’ than Anthony Davis

Rob Pelinka was his typical hyperbolic self while talking about what Anthony Davis brings to the Lakers.

Anthony Davis says other players not wanting to play with LeBron James doesn’t concern him

Rumors and actions from players avoiding playing with LeBron James are getting pretty loud, but Anthony Davis says he hasn’t paid any of that any mind.

Troy Daniels is ready to do whatever it takes to help the Lakers win a title

Troy Daniels is an elite shooter, and he’s ready to use that skill to help the Lakers as much or as little as they need him to.

Anthony Davis doesn’t care about perception of dysfunction within Lakers, says he’s just focused on leading team to title with LeBron James

Anthony Davis might want to put the Lakers dysfunction behind him, but it still matters — especially if he sticks around long-term.

Cavaliers waive JR Smith; Lakers are reportedly seen as an ‘unlikely destination’

JR Smith is now a free agent and to many, the Lakers seemed an inevitability. At those people, we laugh.

After years of misses, the Lakers seem to finally be embracing the importance of shooting

Lost within organizational dysfunction, losing seasons and roster turnover has been a just-as-worrying Lakers trend: A whole lot of misses from behind the arc. That may be about to change.

Anthony Davis says he’s the best basketball player in the world, and wants to be remembered as a champion

Anthony Davis wants to be considered the best player in the NBA, but he’ll have to win a title first.


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