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Kyle Kuzma says last season was ‘a little bit more fun’ for the Lakers

Kyle Kuzma compared this season to last year, and says being able to focus on development was nice for him and his Lakers teammates.

Luke Walton and LeBron James are both impressed with how well JaVale McGee has been playing lately

JaVale McGee has had a personal resurgence too late to help the Lakers make the playoffs, but Luke Walton and LeBron James have liked seeing him impact the game again nonetheless. His play also poses interesting questions for free agency moving forward.

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Anonymous GM says they ‘don’t think the Lakers have to do that much to be good’ next year because they already have LeBron James

The Lakers overthought their offseason a year ago. They can’t make that mistake again over the next few months.

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Lonzo Ball has reportedly discussed shuttering Big Baller Brand

As fallout continues from the Lonzo Ball and his family’s separation with Big Baller Brand co-founder Alan Foster, discussions are beginning about what to do with the company moving forward.

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Alex Caruso is a walking, gritty cliche, but he’s showing the Lakers (and the rest of the league) that he’s an NBA player

It’s not easy to describe Lakers guard Alex Caruso without resorting to platitudes. Just as Alex Caruso.

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Podcast: The Lakers really might hire Jason Kidd to be their head coach. Welp.

Luke Walton is finally in the home stretch of what has to have been a hugely frustrating season. As his Lakers tenure comes to a close, one name — Jason Kidd — keeps coming up as a possible replacement, and it doesn’t lend much confidence to the future.

LeBron James is ‘proud’ of Lonzo Ball for ‘taking control’ of his business, whether he leaves Big Baller Brand for Nike or not

All signs point to Lakers guard Lonzo Ball leaving Big Baller Brand, potentially for Nike, but no matter where he ends up, LeBron James seems happy to see a young player he appears to genuinely like starting to grow up.

How high can the Lakers get in the NBA Draft Lottery?

The Lakers can sneak into the top half of the lottery if they lose every game for the rest of the season.

Injuries have left the Lakers wondering what could have been

The Lakers have dealt with horrendous injury luck this season, and their recent strong play has left some on the team thinking about if things could have been different with better health.

The Lakers snap their five-game losing streak behind a big night from Kyle Kuzma

Kyle Kuzma’s third quarter explosion and a return to a once successful transition formula finally got the Lakers back in the win column.

Jason Kidd among ‘serious candidates’ to replace Luke Walton if Lakers fire him

If the Lakers fire head coach Luke Walton at the end of the season, Jason Kidd is expected to be among the field of candidates to replace him.

Tyson Chandler is disappointed that his Lakers homecoming was derailed by injuries, and isn’t sure how many years he has left

Tyson Chandler is as bummed out as most Lakers fans about the way this year went, if not more so.

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Lakers vs. Kings Preview and Game Thread: It’s tankin’ time

The Lakers can roll out their tank tonight at Staples Center.

Kyle Kuzma says he never would have imagined the Lakers not making the playoffs

The Lakers won’t be in the playoffs this year, and Kyle Kuzma can’t believe it.

LeBron James still wants to play in as many Lakers games as he can down the stretch: ‘I’ll have five months to not play the game’

LeBron James wants to play every game he is able to for the Lakers, but that’s probably not the best decision for him.

The Lakers made a mistake with D’Angelo Russell, but it’s not too late to learn from it

Fittingly, it was D’Angelo Russell coming back to bite them in person that officially ended this Lakers season, and there are lessons to take away from the way he’s grown that can be applied to the young players still on the team.

The Lakers have been eliminated from playoff contention with a loss to Nets. How did we get here?

For the sixth consecutive season, the Lakers will not play in the postseason.

JaVale McGee explodes as Lakers lose to Nets, are officially eliminated from playoffs

JaVale McGee activated playoff mode and put up numbers not seen by a Lakers big man since Shaquille O’Neal, but it wasn’t enough to stop D’Angelo Russell from leading the Brooklyn Nets to victory.

The Lakers have reportedly checked to see if Big Baller Brand shoes could be causing Lonzo Ball to have ankle problems

Lonzo Ball says that he doesn’t think his shoes are the root of his ankle injuries, but he also is willing to switch shoes or make changes to his signature Big Baller Brand shoe if the Lakers want him to.

LeBron James wants to be careful and make sure he doesn’t take a step backwards with his groin injury over final stretch


Luke Walton has been impressed with how well D’Angelo Russell is playing for the Nets

Luke Walton has been as impressed as anyone with how well D’Angelo Russell has played this season.

Lakers vs. Nets Preview and Game Thread: Will D’Angelo Russell eliminate L.A. from the playoffs?

D’Angelo Russell will have the chance to send the Lakers to the lottery on Friday.

Laker Film Room: Alex Caruso has been a breath of fresh air for the Lakers

Alex Caruso is showing that he belongs in the NBA, and hopefully with the Lakers.

Nuggets reportedly contacted Pelicans about Anthony Davis trade; what that means for the Lakers

The Lakers are hoping to land at least one superstar this summer, but their path forward Anthony Davis is trickier than you might think.

Which of the Lakers’ free agents should the team keep next year?

The Lakers have suffered from a lack of continuity over recent years, but keeping their own free agents might not be a great solution either.

Podcast: What Lakers fans should watch for during March Madness

The season is mercifully winding down and Lakers fans have something else to focus on: The NCAA Tournament.

Tyson Chandler says injuries made it ‘difficult’ for Lakers to learn how to play together

The Lakers had bad luck with injuries this season and Tyson Chandler said that was the root of their problems as a team.

Luke Walton expects LeBron James to be available Friday vs. Nets

LeBron James sat out against Milwaukee, but Luke Walton seems to think a few days off were enough to get him ready when the Lakers play Brooklyn at home Friday.

Podcast: What options do the Lakers have at center in free agency?

The Lakers will have a handful of centers to choose from in free agency, but how many of them fit their budget and team?

Alex Caruso thinks he was ‘pretty good’ for Lakers during road trip, but wishes he’d been able to help team win more

Alex Caruso has impressed in his short stints with the Lakers this year, but his focus is still on winning.

Kobe Bryant thinks the Lakers are ‘in a really good position,’ says he isn’t coming out of retirement to play with LeBron James

Kobe Bryant thinks the Lakers can have a successful summer if they decide which direction they want to go as a team. He also shut the door on coming out retirement (again).

11 questions about LeBron James and the Lakers’ likely search for a new coach

Believe it or not, this is the first time James is involved in an open coaching search since 2005. How will it go?

Kobe Bryant says he always thought about what it would be like to play for Knicks

It doesn’t sound like Lakers legend Kobe Bryant was ever close to joining the Knicks, but he did think about what it would be like.

Why the Mike Muscala trade never made sense for the Lakers, and looks even worse now

The Lakers traded Ivica Zubac for Mike Muscala because they thought Muscala would hit threes. That he hasn’t done so isn’t even the worst part of a deal that makes even less sense now than it did at the time.

Josh Hart and Rajon Rondo think Lakers shouldn’t need free agency for motivation: ‘If you’re not motivated to play basketball, you shouldn’t be in the game’

Josh Hart (who is not a free agent) and Rajon Rondo (who will enter NBA free agency following this season) both had some strong thoughts on what the Lakers should be using as motivation for the rest of the year.