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T.J. Attempts to make Progressive Field his House

Tiger Jr. takes on David Phelps as the Indians try to salvage a split in the four-game series

Ducks Playoffs: Let's Get This Going, I Guess


Jer's playoff beard update, amd the Ducks/Kings series in review. Kings @ Ducks, Game One.


The Only Sensible Way to Determine Transfer Worth

After weeks of discussion with several comm members, I've begun to be frustrated by the lack of consensus over transfer targets. Some heavily emphasize age, others wages and transfer fees, still...

Rockets at Lakers Preview: The Beard vs. The Mamba


Previewing the Houston Rockets - Los Angeles Lakers Sunday night game featuring James HArden and Jeremy Lin stepping into Staples Center to take on the Mike D'Antoni coached purple (white) and gold...


ESPN's Must-see Harden tee

Might have to get this shirt that ESPN wrote about today for Round 2! ThunderUp! Here's what they are saying, my thoughts... this is the best Harden tee so far, simple and classic ha "There are...

Download a Kleinsasser beard to wear if your going to the game


It's a link from the Vikings official site, a sheet of paper with a cutout image of a beard to celebrate his last game

"To Beard or Not to Beard"


You all know where I come down on this question. After shaving my beard in 1995 (and spending the next twelve years arguing with Susan, who was then my girlfriend and is now my wife, over whether I should grow it back), I grew the beard back in late 2007, shrewdly timing it so that I would be bearded when my daughter was born and, therefore, would have to keep it for a while, lest my daughter not recognize me if I shaved it. Anyone who has seen the "Star Trek" episode "Mirror, Mirror" (the one with the goatee-wearing evil Spock) knows that in facial hair there is power. Also, Robert Bly makes much the same point in Iron John. Mark Richt should let the players have facial hair and he should grow a goatee of his own. If someone wants to change Coach Richt's mind on this one, they should show him a copy of Leonardo Da Vinci's "The Last Supper." If it was good enough for those guys, shouldn't it be good enough for Georgia? Go 'Dawgs!

My Monthly Bid for John Rheinecker


Meet John: He's 29, has blue eyes, and enjoys grooming his beard. Unruly facial hair isn't the only thing John chops down though, oh no, left-handed batters are no match for this man. You see,...

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