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Kobe Bryant "Forever is BIG" playoff ad


The NBA's latest commercial, which features a pose from Kobe Bryant during the three-peat era.

Video: Kobe's big night against Atlanta


Kobe Bryant had a huge night against the Hawks, here's the game-winning layup, and the monster dunk on Josh Smith. And Kobe spitting venom.


Video: Coach Nick breaks down HORNS sets

Coach Nick takes a look at the use of HORNS across the NBA from not only the Lakers, but multiple teams across the league.


Video: Kobe posterizes Brooklyn Nets

Kobe Bryant turned Gerald Wallace and Kris Humphries into poster fodder when the Lakers visited Brooklyn. #8 would be proud.

Video: Kobe to Earl half-court alley oop

With .4 seconds left on the clock, Kobe Bryant through a brilliant inbounds lob from half-court and Earl Clark slammed it down. Boom.

Video: Dwight Howard "loves" confrontational Kobe


Dwight Howard and Kobe Bryant are beginning to get on the same page as leaders of the Lakers. Dwight Howard discusses the team's direction, and why he loves Kobe's confrontational nature.

Mike D'Antoni: "I don't have a system"


Mike D'Antoni discusses the Lakers latest win over the Oklahoma City Thunder, how the Lakers are succeeding, and says he doesn't have a system but principles to build around.

Video: Steve Blake discusses his role and more


Lakers Nation caught up with Steve Blake at practice yesterday as he discussed a wide range of topics: from his health, to Pau Gasol, to the Lakers adjusting as a team.

Kobe and Dwight react to "Pelicans" name change


The New Orleans Hornets come into town, but pretty soon they'll be the Pelicans. asks Dwight Howard and Kobe Bryant for their thoughts on the name change.


Video: Steve Nash records 10,000th career assist

Steve Nash recorded his 10,000th career assist last night against the Houston Rockets on a pick and roll with Antawn Jamison.


Nick Saban: The answer for the Lakers?!

SB Nation's Dan Rubenstein thinks just a little bit better than most and figures out exactly the kind of leadership the struggling Lakers need... Nick Saban.

Video: Robert Sacre has a tribute video


Rookie Robert Sacre is only picking up garbage time (the little that there has been this year for the Los Angeles Lakers), but his contributions to the team have not gone unnoticed. He's becoming a...

Video: Coach Nick breaks down the Lakers' offense


SB Nation partner Coach Nick of hits us with a breakdown of the Los Angeles Lakers usage of the Princeton offense. A great watch for any Lakers, and basketball, fan.

Lakers Nation Video Roundup: Dwight And Mike Brown


Mike Brown and Dwight Howard post-game thoughts after the conclusion of the 0-8 preseason - via


Video: NBA season predictions for the L.A. Lakers

SB Nation's Seth Pollack and Basketball Reasons go over a handful of season predictions for the Los Angeles Lakers. Will they win a title? Can Kobe exist with another superstar? Is Seth happy to...

You Will Watch This On March 11


Via True Hoop, here's the trailer for ESPN's new documentary about Magic's HIV announcement. Do not disappoint me by failing to press play.

Adam Morrison Got Ejected For Having Awesome Hair


Those locks, they're... they're magnificent.  

Here's Kobe's Game-Winner At The Drew League


Here's Kobe's gamewinner at The Drew. Was his #20 jersey a tribute to Brian Shaw?

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