Season Preview

The most positive takeaway from Lakers camp?


Silver Screen & Roundtable: What's the most positive takeaway from training camp?

The Lakers' centers will have to carry the team


We finish our positional previews by looking at the Lakers' centers and the key role they will have to play on the team next year despite a roster glut at the position and the loss of Dwight Howard.

LA's PFs show the change in positional definitions


As we examine the Lakers' power forwards, we look at how the definition of that position has changed in the modern NBA.

For lack of better options, here are the Laker SFs


For lack of better options, these are the LA Lakers' small forwards

Kobe Bryant or not, LA's 2-guards must step up


Kobe Bryant or not, LA's shooting guards must step up

Could the Lakers have the greatest offense ever


Could the Lakers have the best offense in history? A comparison between this Lakers roster and best offenses of the past shows it may be possible. The Lakers acquired the most important ingredient.

Los Angeles Lakers 2012 Season Preview: The Backcourt


If there are any major concerns we should have about this season's Lakers (as presently constructed), they should be focused squarely on the backcourt. Sure, there's Kobe, but take a look at the...

The Preview To Nowhere: A Hypothetical 2011 Los Angeles Lakers Season Preview


What the what?!? Silver Screen and Roll presses on with previewing a season that may never happen, because life sometimes requires you to be on the wrong end of a cliche.

Season Predictions


Will the Lakers win another title this year? Our authors weigh in with their predictions.

Six Laker Stats to Watch in the Coming Season


A breakdown of a half-dozen stats that will shape the course of the Lakers' three-peat campaign.


Breaking Down the Lakers' Schedule, Month by Month


Breaking down the Lakers' schedule, month-by-month.

Contender Preview: Miami Heat


Will LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh be enough to knock off the defending champs? The NBA world is dying to find out.

Contender Preview: Orlando Magic


The Orlando Magic are deep, talented and well coached. But did last season represent their best shot at an NBA championship?

Contender Preview: Oklahoma City Thunder


Contenders Preview: Oklahoma City Thunder

Player Preview: Kobe Bryant


Kobe Bryant is now 32 years old, and the injuries have started piling up. We look at what to expect this from one of the greatest ever.

Player Preview: Andrew Bynum


Player Preview: Andrew Bynum

Player Preview: Ron Artest


Player Preview: Ron Artest

Player Preview: Derek Fisher


2010-2011 Los Angeles Lakers Player Preview: Derek Fisher. What do expect from the the President? Buckle up, enjoy the ride, and wait for the Playoffs. What else?

Player Preview: Matt Barnes


The Lakers' new backup small forward will greatly improve the bench, provided he can keep himself out of jail.

Player Preview: Shannon Brown


Silver Screen and Roll takes a look at the expectations and scenarios facing Shannon Brown in the upcoming season.

Player Preview: Sasha Vujacic


Lakers 2010-2011 Player Preview: Sasha Vujacic. Rise of the Machine? Can Sasha redeem himself and stay in LA?

Player Preview: Theo Ratliff


Los Angeles Lakers 2010-2011 Player Preview of 37 Year Old Theo Ratliff

Player Preview: Luke Walton


Silver Screen and Roll takes a look at the expectations and possibilities for Luke Walton this season.

Player Preview: Devin Ebanks


The Laker rookie looks like a keeper but has plenty to work on. We examine in depth what to expect from him this season.

Player Preview: Derrick Caracter


Player Preview: Derrick Caracter. Dreams, nightmares, and what to expect for the upcoming season.

Los Angeles Lakers NBA Preview (2010-2011 Season)


The Lakers are back to back champs, and have a roster that's better than ever. So what could go wrong next season?

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