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Out film breakdowns. Featuring play diagrams, shot charts, and much more!

When help hurts


Insert defense joke here.

Rolling to the rim


Roll roll roll your bigs, gently to the rim.

The other good signs from the Lakers' offense


It's going to take time to get comfortable, but there good signs in the Lakers' offense that can be built around.

Through the looking glass of Week 1


Observations on the first week of the Lakers' season.

Pau's post presence key for starters


The Lakers' starting five needs to learn how to lean on Pau Gasol to open games.

Checking in on R. Kelly


Ryan Kelly made his NBA and Lakers debut in China. How it went doesn't matter as much as how Mike D'Antoni used the stretch power forward.

How Swaggy P fits in the Lakers' offense


Some thoughts on how Nick Young can fit into the Lakers offense, and why limiting his isolation attempts shouldn't be an issue.

Hill is key big man for Lakers' defense now


Jordan Hill has become the Lakers most versatile frontcourt defender on the roster with the glaring hole Dwight Howard has left in the Lakers defense.

Gasol and Kaman, a disaster on defense


Playing Pau Gasol and Chris Kaman together on defense could be a nightmare for the returning defensive specialist coach Kurt Rambis.

Why Farmar should flourish under D'Antoni


Is Jordan Farmar a perfect fit in Mike D'Antoni's point guard dependent system? There's plenty of reason to believe he'll be great for the purple and gold.


Playbook: Ryan Kelly as the Lakers stretch four


A in-depth look at how newest Laker Ryan Kelly can fit into the Lakers offensive schemes under Mike D'Antoni.

Playbook: Kobe's brilliant Game 1 in the 09 Finals


With the 2013 NBA Finals set to tip-off Thursday night, what better time to reflect on Kobe Bryant's brilliant Game 1 performance against the Magic in 2009?

Playoff Playbook: Game one, and the Spurs' gamble


The Spurs dared the Lakers to beat them on the perimeter and packed the paint. The Lakers will need to take advantage of the many open looks the Spurs gave up, or San Antonio will continue throwing...

Playoff Playbook: Scouting the Spurs' offense


A deep look at the game film of the season series between the Lakers and Spurs, and how the Spurs' offense found success against the Lakers.

Video Playbook: The Lakers' offense without Kobe


The Los Angeles Lakers prepare for a potential playoff run, and for the first time in over a decade, it will be without Kobe Bryant. Can Dwight Howard and Pau Gasol lead the Lakers through the...

Video Playbook: Gasol flexed his skills Tuesday


With the Lakers hanging on by a thread to their playoff hopes Pau Gasol stepped up for the purple and gold and looked like a Laker who refused to let the ship sink. In particular, his stretch in...

Video Playbook: Dwight's defense is alive


Dwight Howard's defense has been dominant since the All-Star break. A video breakdown looking at how he's beginning to looking like that center the Lakers traded for from the Orlando Magic.

Video Playbook: Keep using HORNS, please


The Lakers used HORNS against Sacramento, which proved to be a lethal set as Pau Gasol picked apart the defense from the elbow. A video breakdown on how it was so effective, and why the Lakers need...

Playbook: Gasol, breaking habits, and the post


Pau Gasol needs to be in the post. Not just because he is effective around the rim, but because he is extremely ineffective elsewhere.

Playbook: Kobe and L.A.'s awful D against Wizards


The Lakers played horrible defense against the Washington Wizards and Kobe Bryant stands at the center with a handful of damning mistakes.

Quickfire Playbook: Tawn's dagger three in Indiana


How did the Lakers close-out the Indiana Pacers Friday night? With Antawn Jamison hitting a big three, of course!

The Playbook: Dwight dominated Orlando defensively


Dwight Howard returned to Orlando, the home floor he defended for eight years while grabbing three Defensive Player of the Year awards, and looked the part.

The Playbook: Oops Kobe did it again


A comprehensive breakdown of Kobe Bryant's fourth quarter heroics, and how the Lakers managed to string together another miraculous victory, this time against the Toronto Raptors.

The Playbook: Kobe led the offense to victory


While Dwight Howard led the defense in the Lakers comeback victory over the Hornets, Kobe Bryant handled the offense masterfully. Breaking down how the Lakers chipped away at the 25 point lead.

The Playbook: Dwight and the D fuel a miracle


A comprehensive breakdown with play charts of the Lakers fourth quarter defense against the Hornets in Wednesday night's stunning comeback victory.

The Playbook: The defining stretch in OKC


The Lakers climbed back into the game Tuesday night in Oklahoma City but couldn't seal the deal. Breaking down the defining stretch in the fourth quarter.

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