Game Previews

Los Angeles Lakers at San Antonio Spurs Preview


Tonight, the Lakers end the regular season against the Spurs, a familiar Western Conference foe. With both teams locked into their respective positions in the West, there there is nothing at stake...

Worst to First (Overall Pick): Lakers-Jazz Preview


Both the Lakers and Jazz could improve their lottery odds with a loss.

Preview: Lakers and Grizzlies at Staples Center


When the Grizzlies meet the Lakers at Staples, both teams will have very different things at stake

Hoping for a health: Warriors at Lakers Preview


Tonight's prevailing storyline? Praying that no one else gets hurt.

Can't even win at booing: Rockets @ Lakers Preview


Even this small, small joy has been taken from us, Lakers fans.

Lakers at Clippers Preview


Lakers @ Clippers. Sunday at 12:30 on ABC.

The Tank Marches On: Mavericks at Lakers Preview


As the Lakers host the Mavericks tonight, they begin the final, brutal stretch of this season against a panoply of playoff aspirants.

Stranger things happen: Blazers @ Lakers Preview


Pau Gasol, out for the past three games after suffering a bout with vertigo last week, should be available for tonight's contest

The final 10 games: Suns at Lakers Preview


LA saunters into its remaining 10 games of the season, hoping for a better effort at home against division rivals the Phoenix Suns

Midwest swing: Lakers at T-Wolves Preview


The Lakers finish up one of their last road trips of the year, as they finish up a quick, back-to-back set in Minnesota tonight


The least of the East: Lakers at Bucks Preview


The Lakers head out to the Midwest for a back-to-back set, pitting them first against the worst team in the NBA

Big city fight: NY Knicks at LA Lakers Preview


The two biggest moneymaking franchises in the league play one another tonight, with little on the line besides a shot at the 8-seed in the Eastern Conference playoff brackets.

Ping-pong-palooza: Orlando Magic at LA Lakers


It looks like a seemingly meaningless game with two teams that aren't going to the postseason. But with a top-3 pick on the line in a couple months, this matchup might be more important than it looks.

Washington Wizards at Los Angeles Lakers Preview


As has been the prevailing storyline all season, the Lakers see the usual narrative switched around yet again—the usually moribund Wiz rising, while the Lakers continue to sink.

Vs. the best in the west: Spurs at Lakers Preview


After a five day break, the Lake Show returns to action to find themselves in a tussle with the best team in the Western Conference

Back to back terror: Lakers at Spurs Preview


Coming off a dusting at the hands of the Oklahoma City Thunder, the Lakers finish their two-step against the two best teams in the Western Conference. Oh boy.

Revenge Game? Lakers at Thunder Preview


The Lakers are coming off of a huge win Sunday against the best team in the Western Conference. Will Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook unleash a "revenge game" performance against the Lake Show?

4 games of horror: OKC Thunder @ LA Lakers Preview


LA begins a stretch with four straight against the Thunder and the San Antonio Spurs. Yes, let's all get fired up.

On the bound: LA Lakers at Denver Nuggets Preview


How will the Lake Show come back from the worst loss in franchise history? By playing in a back-to-back in one of the team's worst away arenas, that's how.

Flipping the script: Lakers at Clippers Preview


Early March games between the two LA franchises usually roll like this: one team out of the race, making offseason plans and muttering "wait until next year, while the other revs up for a hopefully...

Three in a row? Pelicans at Lakers Preview


The Show faces another reeling squad in the second of a back-to-back set, with a three-game win streak on the line.

House of horrors gets worse: LA @ Portland Preview


Under the best of circumstances, going up to Portland to play the Blazers can be best described as a nightmare. This season? It's a night terror. Dozens of them.

Battle for the floor: Kings at Lakers Preview


The Kings! The Lakers! Tonight on Time Warner Cable Sportsnets, these two titans of tanking tango for the right to be the worst team in the Western Conference!

Lakers prepare to be Grizz-and-grinded in Memphis


Oh look a Lakers game.

Roadie vs. the best in the NBA: Lakers at Pacers


The consolation prize for coming off of a tough loss on Sunday against the Brooklyn Nets? Just the team with the best record in the NBA. You're welcome, Lakers.

Return of the Swag: Nets at Lakers Preview


Nick Young comes back to the land of the living as the Lakers try to put together two straight wins against the resurgent Brooklyn Nets

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