Los Angeles Lakers Offseason Primer

The 2013-2014 Los Angeles Lakers season has been finally laid to rest after a frustrating six months. What do the next six months have in store for us?

The lost season

What goes up must come down. All we can do is hope it rises sooner than later.

Calipari not an ideal choice for next Lakers HC

Should the Lakers look for a replacement for Mike D'Antoni this offseason, the reports of John Calipari as a replacement should not feel you with glee. Indeed, his counterpart in the title game in Kevin Ollie is arguably a better candidate.

History shows us superstars drafted outside top-4

Lakers fans everywhere: settle down. Historical precedence shows us that there are franchise players to be outside the upper crust of the NBA Draft lottery.

The D'Antoni Effect Part Two: The Bigs

Grab a snack or a refreshing beverage and clear out some time as we take another deep dive into the numbers to see what type of effect Mike D'Antoni's system has had on the Lakers big men in the...

Picking out of the draft's top three okay for LA

Amid talk that the Lakers should be looking to trade their pick because their lottery position is not ideal, we look at the five through eight prospects on my board and try to debunk that notion by pointing out that these are damn good players.

Should Ryan Kelly be on the All-Rookie Team?

Even though the awfulness of this rookie class is the only reason he's in consideration, it would be a fitting recognition for Ryan Kelly to be named to the All-Rookie Team at the end of this season.

Has Mike D'Antoni led to individual improvement?

Much has been made of MDA's continuing presence on the sidelines next year for the Lakers. One of the cases for him to play? Indisputable improvement from many players on the team.

Decoding the myths about Steve Nash

Lakers fans everywhere seem to have a ton of misconceptions about the former two-time MVP., his health and potential retirement. What's true and what's not?


What If: Who Would Replace Mike D’Antoni?

There’s a lot of talk about dismissing Mike D’Antoni from the Lakers’ bench, but rarely does anyone suggest a replacement.


Ryan Kelly's surprising development

Amidst a lost season of injuries and disappointment, Ryan Kelly has emerged from the pack as a potential contributor for Lakers teams down the line

Squashing the arguments against D'Antoni

Mike D'Antoni has been placed in a sticky situation, and a lot of fans want him canned. Despite the struggles, it isn't fair to place all of the blame on D'Antoni's shoulders.

Sans their stars, D-Fenders continue to play well

A look at how the D-Fenders are performing deep into their season despite losing Manny Harris and a number of their star players and how it speaks well to the Lakers' management of their D-League affiliate, especially insofar as talent acquisition.

Walking the Line of Kobe's Criticisms

Earlier this week, the five-time champion made it clear that he expects the team to compete for championships immediately. Is that realistic given the direction the Lakers seem to be heading?

How can the Lakers address their lack of PF depth?

Looking at how the Lakers, despite the solid play recently of Ryan Kelly, can go about helping their power forward depth in the offseason. Barring the team drafting a four, getting Carlos Boozer off amnesty waivers might be an option.

Mitch Kupchak: Tanking Ninja

Detailing how Mitch Kupchak found a way to tank this year without ever having to admit it.

Should Emeka Okafor be a FA target for the Lakers?

As the Lakers look towards next season, it is clear that defense and rebounding in the frontcourt should be a priority. Barring a draft pick bringing in a defensive center, Emeka Okafor would be a solid reclamation project to target.

How is anyone criticizing these LA Lakers?

Finally this week, after nearly 60 games gone awry, some cracks have finally started to show in what's been a remarkably clean locker room facade in LA. But ultimately, what's there to really criticize about the Los Angeles Lakers on the floor every

LA's draft position complicates their 2014 FA plan

With it becoming increasingly clear that LA will finish high in the draft, the addition of a significant rookie scale contract on top of their already strained cap situation due to Kobe Bryant's extension produces some problems in their FA plans.

The Final Destination: Will Gasol get dealt?

The Final Destination: Where could Pau Gasol go this week?

Should Kendall Marshall be a MIP candidate?

Among all of the reclamation projects on the Lakers, Kendall Marshall's play, especially when compared to how he performed last season, stands out and there is a very legitimate argument that he should be in the running for Most Improved Player.

Judging "Dr. Buss's Idiot Son"

Judging "Dr. Buss's Idiot Son"

Gauging the Lakers trade market value

Gauging the Lakers trade market value

Should Noah Vonleh be a top target in the draft?

Noah Vonleh has increasingly been talked about as a prospect that should be moving up draft boards and in contrast to what the commonly held top four prospect in Julius Randle brings to the table, it is fair argument that this is the case.

Lakers should look for value in 2014 free agency

With it becoming increasingly clear that the Lakers will be picking near the top of the 2014 draft and that their sights are set on the 2015 free agent class, the Lakers should concentrate on finding good value in free agency this summer.

The inevitability of another cursed season

The inevitability of another cursed season

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