This Season is Exactly What Lakers Fans Needed

Lakers fans have seen it all in Los Angeles. Since leaving Minneapolis, the Lakers franchise has thrived despite constant drama, most of it playing out in front of the bright lights of the media....


Steve Nash, Dwight Howard, & How We Judge Injuries

The Steve Nash "The Finish Line" comeback video series on Grantland starting this week really made me think a lot about how we view professional basketball players, similarly to how Bill...

10 Thoughts from my night at the Palace


I was able to attend the Lakers-Pistons game live in the Palace of Auburn Hills. Here are my 10 thoughts from an exciting evening.

Happy Birthday, Kobe Bryant!


It's the Mamba's birthday. What are some of your favorite Kobe moments?

The Mayans Were Right Postgame Thread


Derp. Next up: the Rockets at Staples on Tuesday night.

Wednesday Night Trade/Free Agent Open Thread


Chris Paul's a Clipper! Whatever... we got Kapono. Plunge right in with your Inter Net comments here.

Tuesday Chatstravaganza: All Your Attenshons Are Belong 2 Teh NFL


Monday Chatstravaganza: All your attenshons are belong 2 teh NFL

Slightly Off-Topic Chatstravaganza: The NFL's Return To Los Angeles


Hiya, gang. It's another sleepy day in Lakerdom, so I'm gonna use the down time to solicit your views on something. It's a topic that's slowly burbling to the surface of the L.A. sports scene, and...

Wednesday Chatstravaganza: Who's Your Second Team?


Let's talk about you for a minute. There's zilcho happening in Lakerdom today, so I figure why not get to know the paying customers readers a little more? The SS&R marketing department tells me...

Wednesday Chatstravaganza: Draft And Trade Rumors!


We're just about one earth rotation away from the start of the 2011 draft, and the rumors are kicking about furiously. Like the one where the Lakers are lusting for Anderson Varejao. Or the one...


Friday Night Chatstravaganza: Freestyle!


That's Jim Calhoun on the left and Kemba Walker on the right. They've advanced to the Big East championship game. Want to chat about the Huskies or anything else going on, conference...

NBA Trade Deadline Reaction Thread


Well, that escalated quickly. Trade Deadline day is Deadline. 

Monday Night Chatstravaganza: Carmelo to the Knicks


Multiple sources are reporting that the Knicks and Nuggets have completed a trade to send Carmelo Anthony to New York. Denver gets Wilson Chandler, Raymond Felton, Danilo Gallinari, Timofey Mozgov,...

Saturday Night Chatstravaganza: How Good Are the Hornets?


Tonight, the Laker community weighs in on whether the New Orleans Hornets are legit challengers in the West.

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